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Since 1999, has helped Canadians comparison shop to save money. See if you could save too. Compare competing insurance quotes, mortgage rates and credit cards today. helps Canadians shop for insurance by offering free, real-time quotes to residents of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, BC and, in fact, most of Canada. Home mortgage rates and credit cards have since been added to the comparison service thus helping Canadians with their mortgages needs, as well as find the credit card that best fits their lifestyle.

Many of Canada's top financial companies are featured through's comparison service. As a result, you can quickly compare the quotes, mortgage rates and credit cards of these companies in one place, helping you find not only the best deal but also save time. offers a quote comparison service for: auto insurance, property insurance, term life insurance, travel insurance for Canadians, Health Insurance, mortgage rates, credit cards, commercial auto insurance, commercial insurance (commercial property and general liability insurance), motorcycle insurance, classic car insurance, RV insurance and critical illness insurance quotes.

*55.0% of Kanetix customers in Ontario who participated in the survey said Kanetix helped them identify an average savings amount of $752.06 (November 1, 2014 - January 31, 2015) on their car insurance. The cited amount represents the average difference between the best quote obtained at and the current premium amount of participants in the survey. The savings amount varies by individual and does not constitute a guarantee; in each individual case, the difference may be smaller or greater than the savings amount cited.

† The average savings found on for emergency medical travel insurance for single travellers, age 30 - 54, for single trips of 7 days, as compared with the published rates of 5 Financial Institutions for their equivalent emergency medical travel insurance. Actual savings vary depending on number of travellers, age, trip duration, and coverage selected. Based on research as of September 16, 2013.

KANETIX 'Insurance, Mortgage and Credit Card shopping' customer testimonials and recommendations has served up millions of insurance quotes to Canadian insurance shoppers. Our free, secure and anonymous (if you wish) service has helped save Canadians money on their insurance costs. It's not surprising then that many of our customers feel compelled to write to us with a testimonial or recommendation, to let us know how delighted they are with the savings that we brought to light, and also with the quality of our service.

"I let myself get ripped off on auto insurance for a lot of years, but thanks to Kanetix I was able to find a number of much lower rates for even better coverage. Switched brokers and saved $1200!"

Brian - Alberta

"With regards to travel insurance I was able to save approximately 27% using this site plus have additional limited coverage."

Shawn - Nova Scotia

"I took advantage of your service for auto and home insurance and saved $600!!!! Unbelievable, and the policies were actually better than what I had. If you hadn't reminded me, I probably wouldn't have gone on to compare, as I was quite busy. Thank you again."

Sirya - Ontario

"I just want to thank you for how easy you have made it to get quotes for my insurance policies. I usually get the 'call us for a quote' phrase when I try to get quotes online. You have made it extremely easy for me to make a decision to save almost $50/month."

Sheryl - Ontario

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your help, and your phone representatives did a great job. I know it's a lot easier to give bad feedback than good, but you really made getting insurance both simple and cheaper for me. Your company's phone person was friendly and helpful, and once I was transferred through to my insurance provider of choice they were also extremely friendly and helpful. It's my first time setting up insurance in Canada, but the entire phone call to apply, give information, and be set up with insurance took about ten minutes. (Plus, I got a rate nearly $1,000 cheaper than any other quote!). Very happy.."

Rachel - Alberta

"A friend recommended I visit your website and register for information emails. It turned out to be a great decision. Kanetix was incredibly helpful, and their staff, in helping me finding the right car insurance for my needs. The staff was relevant, polite, and knowledgeable. I will recommend all my friends to visit your site - a great resource centre."

Constantine - Ontario


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Car Insurance Quotes Premium
Customer 36, WOODBRIDGE, ON
Desjardins Insurance$1524
CAA Insurance$2191
Range of top quotes$774
Customer 19, STONY PLAIN, AB
Intact Insurance$2019
TD Insurance$2151
Economical Insurance$2438
Range of top quotes$699
Customer 45, LA PRAIRIE, PQ
2012, BMW, X1 28i 4DR AWD
TD Insurance$1027
Range of top quotes$465
Customer 53, PEFFERLAW, ON
CAA Insurance$578
Desjardins Insurance$759
The Co-operators$773
Range of top quotes$566
Customer 55, EDMONTON, AB
Economical Insurance$689
Alberta Motor Association$865
Grey Power$891
Intact Insurance$1095
Range of top quotes$406
Customer 22, TORONTO, ON
The Co-operators$3711
Range of top quotes$3661
Customer 41, BARRIE, ON
Economical Insurance$1455
Unica Insurance$1830
Coachman Insurance$1864
Range of top quotes$871
Customer 47, PORT ELGIN, ON
2002, BMW, M3 2DR
The Co-operators$1262
Gore Mutual$1284
Range of top quotes$436
Customer 23, SAINT-LAURENT, PQ
TD Insurance$1772
Range of top quotes$2828
Customer 24, KITCHENER, ON
Desjardins Insurance$1539
The Co-operators$1705
TD Insurance$1767
Range of top quotes$641