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The most popular bad habit is committed by 2 in 5 drivers on the roads

TORONTO, November 22, 2011 - Eight in 10 Canadian motorists openly admit to having at least one bad driving habit according to a new poll released by Kanetix.ca - an online quote comparison website for a variety of insurance and financial products. The poll was conducted by Leger Marketing.

While talking or texting behind the wheel is the most recent habit to be banned Canada-wide, surprisingly, it is not the most common driving sin among motorists with 18 per cent of respondents admitting to it. The number one habit Canadians openly confess to doing is consuming food or beverages while driving. A staggering 39 per cent of drivers across Canada confessed to this habit.

"Our poll clearly indicates many motorists have no qualms with eating or drinking behind the wheel, however, when drivers take their eyes off the road, even for a second, there can be serious consequences," says Kanetix.ca's Janine White, Director, Marketplace.

A third of Canadians also have a love of speeding with 36 per cent of drivers responding that it was one of their worst habits. Men, in particular, confessed to having a lead foot on the gas pedal, with 41 per cent of male respondents admitting to speeding. Ontarians may be the top speeders in the country with 42 per cent of the province's drivers disclosing that they disobey the posted limit. When drivers exceed the speed limit, there is not only an increased risk of accidents but of higher insurance premiums. Drivers should be mindful that most insurance companies will charge a 15 per cent premium surcharge for only one ticket.

Although motorists like to eat, speed and use their cell phones while driving, the survey also revealed that many have mastered the art of following too closely. Sixteen per cent of drivers admit to not giving motorists enough room to breathe, which is a tried and true recipe for an accident to happen. The Ontario Provincial Police has reported following too closely as the leading cause of collisions.

The key findings from Kanetix's survey are:

Kanetix.ca survey reveals top driving habits among Canadians.

Kanetix reminds drivers of the importance of road safety especially as the winter months approach. To prevent accidents and tickets, motorists should kick their bad driving habits to the curb and remember to watch their speed and focus on the road ahead.


The survey was conducted from October 24, 2011 to October 26, 2011 with Leger Marketing's online panel, LegerWeb. The sample size was 1344 Canadian drivers 18 years of age and older. A probability sample of the same size would yield a margin of error +/-2.7%, 19 times out of 20.

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