KANETIX is your advocate and champion for choice, offering you not only the freedom to compare quotes for all your insurance needs but also offering financial services that make shopping online feel as easy as it is empowering. As Canada's premier online comparison site for insurance, mortgages and credit cards, we help you compare more quotes quickly so that you can secure rates from many of the nation's top providers with ease.


When it comes to insurance, KANETIX has you covered. We work closely with many of Canada's best-known and trusted insurers to provide you with the best possible rates, in real time, all in one place. KANETIX gives consumers access to one of the most comprehensive networks of insurers in Canada. There are three ways insurance is sold in Canada - through brokers, agents and direct sellers- and KANETIX is the only online service which provides Canadians access to all three.

Our philosophy is simple: Pay less and get more. When you shop for insurance with KANETIX, you can compare quotes from multiple providers so that you can get the most from your coverage. Whether you're looking to compare and secure insurance for your car, home, travel, life, health, business, motorcycle, visitors to Canada, or pet - we believe the important things in life should come with options.


KANETIX also raises the roof when it comes to shopping for a mortgage. We are the first in Canada to offer new and existing homeowners the option to compare and secure the lowest bank and non-bank lender mortgage rates-and get pre-approved online-at home or on-the-go.

Credit Cards

When it comes to credit cards, KANETIX helps you take charge. Available nationwide, you can compare credit card features, benefits and rewards easily online to find the best credit card for your needs.

KANETIX: Canada and beyond

Backed with the knowledge, expertise and success of providing online insurance quotes through KANETIX.ca, KANETIX also looks to be a champion for choice to our neighbours to the south. With KANETIX.com, U.S. residents can get quotes for auto, home, life, motorcycle and health insurance. Across the U.S., many Americans are able-with KANETIX.com - to enjoy the same freedom of choice to choose the financial services which fit their lifestyle and budget best.

Yousry Bissada, President & CEO

Yousry Bissada, President & CEO

As the president and CEO of Kanetix Ltd., Yousry Bissada leads Canada's largest online marketplace for financial services in Canada. Prior to joining Kanetix Ltd. in September 2011, Yousry Bissada served as Chairman at both Canadiana Financial Corp and Paradigm Quest Inc. Yousry's time as Chairman was preceded by his role as Director at the Board of Street Capital Financial Corporation. He continues to serve on the Advisory Board of Solidifi.

Yousry joined Filogix, an innovative B2B software and service provider to the mortgage industry, in June of 2000, and was President and CEO until 2007.

Yousry's financial services career spans many years and includes various senior level positions at several financial institutions. Yousry came to Filogix from TD Canada Trust, as Senior Vice-President, Real Estate Secured Lending Products. Prior to this appointment, Yousry held a number of Vice-President roles in mortgage servicing. Yousry began his career in finance as a Certified General Accountant and became CFO of FirstLine Trust Company in 1989, before transitioning into operations.

Andrew Lo, CIO

Andrew Lo, CMO & CSO

As Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer, Andrew Lo leads all marketing and corporate development initiatives for Kanetix Ltd.

Prior to joining Kanetix Ltd. in 2011 as CIO, Andrew enjoyed years of success leading the development of financial services technology in North America. Andrew co-founded GUI Software Systems in the early 90's building leading edge productivity software for the North American real estate industry. Market leadership early on led to pursuing a vision to build an end to end network to support a fully electronic real estate transaction from purchase to financing. Industry recognition and acclaim resulted in acquisition by Filogix Inc.

 At Filogix, Andrew led the team that built the SaaS based technology platform that processes $85 billion in mortgages accounting for over 40% of Canada's total volume. In 2006, Filogix was acquired by D+H where, in addition to technology leader, Andrew led the corporate development team that completed several merger and acquisition deals transforming D+H into a leading provider of FinTech in North America.

Janine White, Vice President, Marketplaces

Janine White, Vice President, Marketplaces

As the vice-president of marketplaces, Janine White leads the sales and operations for Canada's largest online marketplaces for financial services. Janine White joined KANETIX in 2001 after completing an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, specializing in ecommerce.

With almost two decades of experience working in the insurance and financial services world, Janine is an expert at bridging the gap of understanding between consumers and the financial products available to them. A consumer first, Janine has spent her career making financial services more accessible to Canadians through KANETIX.

Janine joined the company not long after its inception, and has been with the company through its various stages of growth and success. She has been part of almost every area of Kanetix, including leading the charge on business development, spearheading the company's early digital marketing programs, ensuring the highest quality of partner management, and even serving as one of the company's first bookkeepers.

Prior to joining KANETIX, Janine held several roles at Scotiabank in Canada and spent time working in the railway industry in the UK.

At the beginning of the dot com era in 1999, KANETIX was founded based on the belief that shopping for insurance was too time consuming. It could be easier. It should be easier. And, easier it was going to be.

KANETIX set out to innovate the insurance industry and create an online tool where Canadians could enter their information-once, and just once-to get quotes from many competing insurance providers and by 2001, KANETIX became the only national provider of insurance quotes online in both languages.

In 2011, Monitor Clipper Partners invested in KANETIX believing that the market share of online insurance would grow exponentially. KANETIX'S founding partners, moved to the board of directors and along with the change, a strong belief in moving the brand from an online insurance quote provider to a robust online marketplace for financial services came about. Today, through its leadership, expertise and experience, KANETIX continues to grow along with its partners into an online financial ecosystem leader.

"Why KANETIX®?" you may ask. "It doesn't have anything to do with insurance."

You're right. We wanted a fresh, original name to reflect the unique ways we are changing how people shop for insurance. In the "dot-com" world, a unique name is crucial in order to be found on the Web. If you looked for "KANETIX" in most search engines, it would be hard not to find us.

The name "KANETIX" comes from the word "kinetic" meaning active, dynamic and energizing. Kinetic theory states that all substances have particles that are in vigorous motion. This sums up what KANETIX is all about - always moving to create a fast, convenient service.

Why the strange spelling?

kan - because it sounds Canadian
k - to show we are different
net - because that's our business
x - indicates choice, like when you mark a ballot with an "X", since we are the advocates for choice
.ca - because we are Canadian