The Results Are In: AJAC Announces 2016 The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, also known as AJAC, recently announced the "best new" vehicle winners at the 2016 Canadian Car of the Year Awards. Each year, the Canadian Car of the Year Awards provides consumers with both informative and comparative information on vehicles that are new to the market. The nine "Best New" winners will now compete for overall Canadian Car of the Year and Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year, which will be announced in February at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. Meanwhile the winners of the Canadian Green Car of the Year awards will be announced in March.

The winners were voted on by many of Canada's best-known automotive journalists and had to undergo a thorough testing program.

"Our program is absolutely testing-based," said Justin Pritchard, co-chair of the Canadian Car of the Year committee. "We have dozens of experienced vehicle testers driving dozens of vehicles, back to back, over the course of several days. This testing process generated 1,911 test drives, producing over 110,000 data points and 1701 category ballots. It's important to note that every aspect of this testing data is shared online via our website, so shoppers can see how any given vehicle won its category, or how it stacked up to the category winner."

2016 Canadian Car of the Year "Best New" Winners

  • Best New Small Car-Honda Civic
  • Best New Family Car-Volkswagen Golf Sportwagon 1.8TSI
  • Best New Sports/ Performance (under $50,000)-Volkswagen Golf R
  • Best New Sports/ Performance (over $50,000)-Mercedes-AMG C 63 S
  • Best New Prestige/ Performance-Mercedes-AMG GT S Coupe
  • Best New SUV/CUV ($35,000)-Mazda CX-3
  • Best New SUV/CUV ($35,000- $60,000)-Kia Sorento
  • Best New SUV/CUV (over $60,000)-Volvo XC90
  • Best New Pickup-Chevrolet Silverado

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