Kanetix: Authors

Daniel Watson

Daniel Watson is a retired high school teacher who spends quite a bit of time working in his garage fixing-up classic cars and turning them into vintage masterpieces.

When he's not tinkering in his garage, Daniel is combining his passion for cars with his love of teaching by writing informative articles on all things automotive. Even though he spends his time working on classic cars, he still interested in what's new on the road.

He's also doing what he can to stay healthy with a balanced diet and exercise, so he can keep up with five grandkids. Daniel encourages other retirees to join him in living healthy through education.

Daniel Watson is a pen name for a retiree who wants to keep his life in retirement private.

Lisa Smith

When it comes to mortgages, travel and good food, Lisa Smith knows her stuff. Her experience paired with her passion for writing has led her to sharing her knowledge across publications on the web. With a degree in economics and a number of years working at a major Canadian lender under her belt, Lisa know what's what when it comes to mortgages. When she's not busy working, you can find Lisa at the airport on route to her next adventure, cruising along Toronto's harbourfront on her bike, or walking her adorable Yorkshire terrier named Ms. Muggs in the park near her downtown condo. She almost always has a restaurant deal voucher on hand, ready to redeem, but that doesn't mean she settles for low-brow grub. Lisa has a great deal of experience with fine dining and prides herself on her knowledge of international cuisine.

While her job, hobbies and adventures are very real, Lisa Smith's name is not - it serves as a pseudonym for a passionate, but private writer from Toronto.

Walter Zeiss

Walter Zeiss is a recent journalism grad from Toronto who writes about his many interests including cars, technology and travel. While he loves cars, he is conscious of his carbon footprint and is interested in alternative energy sources and eco-friendly technology. Walter hopes his writing will one day take him around the world so he can take a spin on famous race tracks, experience different cultures and get a taste for what this world has to offer.

Walter Zeiss, like many great writers before him, adopted this name as a pseudonym; a tactic which he believes will help him travel the world more freely regardless of the opinions he publishes.

Kim Morrisseau

Kim Morrisseau is a nutritionist who lives near the shores of Canada's west coast in Vancouver. Originally from northern Ontario, Kim headed west after completing her diploma in food and nutrition management. You can often find her at an airport on her way to discover the next super food or running along the Stanley Park Trails at the edge of downtown Vancouver.  Kim likes to share her knowledge of how to live and travel healthy, and does so by freelance writing for a number of online publications.

While she likes to share her knowledge, she likes to keep her real name private from her writing, using Kim Morrisseau as a pen name.

Anthony bradford

Anthony Bradford is what some would call a serial entrepreneur. He's currently working on developing his third company which is focused on communications and marketing for other small businesses - something he's realized he has a knack for. He's made many mistakes in his endeavors, but he has also had many successes. In an effort to help other small business owners, Anthony writes about his experiences and things he has learned along the way.

To protect his past and future employees, suppliers and customers, this serial entrepreneur uses the pseudonym, Anthony Bradford, for his posts.

Lucas Taylor

Since 2009, Lucas has worked for Kanetix.ca as a contributing writer. His background in personal finance provides him with a unique perspective on issues and topics pertaining to financial services in Canada. Lucas covers trends and developments in the financial industry, with a focus on insurance, mortgages and personal finance. Writing from the perspective of an informed consumer, Lucas adds value by providing insights on how changes in the market impact Canadians directly.

In an effort to keep his hobbies and interests separate from his work in the finance world, this writer uses the pen name Lucas Taylor.