Obviously, Canadian drivers get traffic tickets all year long, but according to Kanetix.ca more drivers get tickets during the spring months than any other time of the year.

Of all the tickets disclosed while getting auto insurance quotes at Kanetix.ca in 2012, almost 29 per cent were received in the spring months: March, April and May, and summer wasn't all that far behind.

How do the seasons rank?

See how the seasons compare. What season did your last ticket happen in? Traffic ticket statistics in Canada: Tickets by season.
According to Kanetix.ca traffic ticket data:

  • 23.6% of tickets were received in December, January or February
  • 28.7% happened in March, April or May
  • 24.9% took place in June, July or August
  • 22.9% happened in September, October or November

Tickets will cost you

Nobody is perfect; and many people will at one time or another get a ticket. But don't let the "spring in your step" and dog days of summer take a bite out of your wallet. Tickets typically not only include fines on their own, but may also affect your auto insurance upon renewal (especially if you already have a ticket or two on your record). Pay less for car insurance; avoid getting tickets in the first place.

Whether you are heading up to the cottage, going to a friend's place for the long weekend, or are simply going for a roadtrip, watch how your are driving because chances are someone else is too.

Learn more about traffic tickets and how they may, or may not, affect your auto insurance rate

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