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At Kanetix, we want to help take the guesswork out of choosing your auto insurance coverage. That's why we've created Coverage Calculator. Take a few minutes to answer the questions below. When you're done, you'll see suggested coverage amounts for your personal auto insurance needs. These suggestions will help you choose what types of coverage you want when you get to Step 5 of Quotemaker.

How old are you?


Where do you live?


What is your gross annual income?


What is the approximate total value of your assets
(including things like your house, cottage, boat, car and any other investment)?


How much cash do you have on hand for emergencies?


Do you lease or finance your car?


What model year is your car?


What is the approximate current market value of your car?


Are you a member of a roadside assistance program?


Can you live without your car for a week?


Do you travel frequently (for business or pleasure) and rent cars?


The Kanetix Coverage Calculator is a tool designed to guide you in choosing what types of auto insurance coverage you may need. Please keep in mind that the Coverage Calculator should not be considered as a replacement for consultation with a qualified insurance professional.

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