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Getting a Mortgage in Calgary

Thinking of moving to the west coast?  You're not alone!  The province of Alberta has experienced the largest population surge in the country, with a record breaking boom in both interprovincial migration and international immigration. This job hotspot has attracted individuals from all over the world, and with an abundance of natural resources, Alberta has developed a thriving economy.  The city of Calgary, one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the province has become a hub for new residents.  But the strong economy and beautiful landscapes are not the only things drawing people out west.  Calgary also has very competitive mortgage rates.

Numerous lenders provide residents of Calgary with mortgage financing including: chartered banks, credit unions, and trust companies. Calgary residents also have the option to work with brokers who are accredited mortgage professionals that work with several different lenders.

Through the KANETIX mortgage rate comparison service, you can also get rates and information for first mortgages, second mortgages, mortgage renewals and mortgage refinancing.

Finding the Best Mortgage Rates in Calgary

Jumping on (Settling for) the first mortgage rate you find will not guarantee you the best price. Finding the most competitive rates involves a little investigating, so make sure to shop around and compare offers to find the lowest mortgage rates in Calgary.

Here are some tips to help you find the best mortgage with the lowest rate:

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  • Use a Calgary mortgage broker - Kanetix works with several mortgage brokers licensed in the province of Alberta.  Setting up a mortgage can be confusing, so let experienced professionals help guide you through the process.
  • Do your research!  The more you know about mortgage terms, options, and offers, the easier it will be to ensure you are getting the right mortgage with a competitive rate.  Check out our mortgage information centre for all the information you will need to become a mortgage expert!

The four types of Calgary Mortgages- Variable, Fixed, Open, Closed

Most shoppers make the mistake of only taking the interest rate into account when shopping around for a mortgage. An important factor that often gets overlooked is the type of mortgage. A fixed rate mortgage has a set rate which will stay the same throughout the entire term of the mortgage. A variable rate mortgage has a rate that will be adjusted with the prime lending rate, which could change throughout the mortgage term. If you're having trouble choosing between a fixed or a variable mortgage rate, assess your tolerance for risk and do some research on the current level of interest rates and expected rate changes in the future.

Estimating your projected cash flows and future payment behaviour will help you choose between an open or closed mortgage. If you expect to make pre-payments above what is allowed with a closed mortgage then an open mortgage is for you. Open mortgages allow you to pay off your balance at your discretion. Closed mortgages, on the other hand, have some payment restrictions. You could incur a penalty if you pay more than the limit agreed upon in your mortgage agreement. With a closed mortgage, you have the option of making lump some payments up to a specific percentage of the mortgage amount or increasing your monthly payment up to a specific percentage.

Learning about mortgages with KANETIX

Our mortgage infocentre features a wide variety of useful information to help you become a mortgage guru. You can check out detailed analysis articles like the one about Calgary housing market trends, stay up to date with news like the new mortgage rules that affect the Canadian housing market and get expert advice like tips to pay off a mortgage sooner. Also, there's a mortgage glossary to help you learn finance terms.

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City of Calgary General Information

  • Population (2011): 1.09 million
  • Population makeup (2006): 76.4 per cent Canadian born; 23.6% foreign born
  • Average annual population growth (2001 - 2011): 2.1 per cent
  • Median family income (2010): $89,490

Sources: Stats Canada.

Calgary Real Estate Market

  • Housing starts (2012F): 12,000
    • Year-over-year change: 29.2 per cent
  • Average residential resale price (2012F): $410,000
    • Year-over-year change: 1.9 per cent

Sources: CMHC

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This summary is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon without verification by contacting a mortgage professional.


Residents of Calgary know how lucky they are. Located in the province of Alberta, a short drive to the Rockies, and bustling with activity, there is always something to do in the city. Calgary is not seen only as a city of ranchers, oil and prairie dust anymore. While its prairie and ranching history will always be an important part of its present, it is also a world-class cosmopolitan centre, and takes pride in its status as a world-class city.

Typical Calgarians, from young urbanites to families to seniors, can lead full, interesting lives, and there is always the opportunity to meet new people, experience new things, and have a life that is comfortable, happy and healthy. With a population of 1,149,552, (2013 Calgary municipal census), more and more people are discovering the opportunity of living in Calgary, as the population increases year after year. The city is made up of diverse age groups, with a median age of around 36.4. The city is very family-friendly, and has many activities for all of its residents, from the youngest to the senior residents of the community. The city attracts people from all across Canada, and all over the world, making it a culturally diverse and interesting place to be.


A Calgarian can get around his/her city easily and conveniently. For people who love to drive, the streets of Calgary have been designed so that there is a comprehensive system of local and arterial streets that connect all areas of the city. Calgary's government officials take special care in ensuring that current and future roadways in the city are suited to pedestrian, cycling, and public transit, and that they serve all current and new subdivisions. Calgary's central streets are designed to run north/south and east/west from the downtown core, and other streets are designed to service the neighbourhoods they are in. So, getting around by car is so easy.

To get out of town to places such as nearby Airdrie, Canmore or farther, the Trans-Canada Highway is easily accessible. For travels by rail, Rocky Mountaineer offers service from Calgary to points such as Banff, Lake Louise, and travelers can make a connection with Via Rail to get to destinations farther west or east. Royal Canadian Pacific offers rail service around Calgary and western Canada, offering destination packages. For national and international air travel, the Calgary International Airport is a state-of-the-art facility. The smaller Calgary/Springbank Airport also provides national and international flight schedules.

For residents who use public transit, there are some great options. Calgary Transit not only provides city bus service, but also gives travelers the chance to travel by the C-Train, a light rail system that operates on four lines that serve the city.

Travelling through downtown from building to building is also a treat. Calgary's downtown has a special pathway, consisting of a network of elevated pathways that connect office buildings. These indoor bridges are generally about 15 ft (4.6 m) above grade. In a Calgary winter, office workers do not have to step outside to go from one building to another.

There are more than 290 km of shared bikeways in the city. Calgary also has about 700 km of multi-use pathways that cover the city. These pathways have been designed for walking, rollerblading, cycling, and allow someone to travel to their destination quite easily. The pathways connect the Bow and Elbow Rivers, and several parks throughout the city. The Peace Bridge is accessible by vehicle, foot or bicycle, and crosses the Bow River and into Calgary's downtown. Calgary's communities, parks and natural areas are connected by an extensive network of pedestrian and cycling paths that are available for all Calgarians to use whether for walking, running, rollerblading or cycling.


If you are not going out of town, or out of the country, there are many things to do. Calgary's location promotes a healthy lifestyle, so if the outdoor life is for you, then, the opportunities are endless. Living so close to the Rockies is a skier's and snowboarder's dream. Downhill and cross-country skiing are always popular in the winter, and there are cross-country skiing opportunities abound in several groomed areas in and around Calgary. Golf courses, such as Shaganappi Point and Maple Ridge provide groomed trails for users. Ungroomed areas such as Weaselhead Natural Environment Park and Bowness Park provide opportunities in the city, and outside the city, West Bragg Creek and Chateau Lake Louise are popular.

In large part due to its proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Calgary has traditionally been a popular destination for winter sports. Canada Olympic Park, about 15 minutes form Calgary, is a training facility for professional and amateur athletes who participate in bobsleigh, luge, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, downhill skiing, snowboarding, speed-skating, skating and hockey. Calgarians of all levels come to have a great day of activity in all of these sports. There is a ski school and a half-pipe for use by all. In the summer, the public can enjoy ziplining and mountain biking.

There are many parks and greenspaces in Calgary. There are more than 900 playgrounds across the city, keeping with Calgary's commitment to family life. Many of the parks feature toboggan hills, outdoor skating rinks, picnic areas and waterparks. With options such as camping and hiking within the city, residents can opt for a wonderful "staycation" at any time of the year. There are plenty of outdoor rinks, picnic sites, and for the adventurous. Tobogganing hills at parks such as Deerfoot Athletic Park and Confederation Park are part of a Calgary winter.

The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary and Nature Centre is a nature lover's dream. This wildlife reserve has nature trails running thorough it, and birders have seen over 270 species of birds. Tom Campbell's Hill is a hilltop park which overlooks Calgary's skyline, Bow River and Nose Creek. It has a number of hiking trails, and an off-leash area for dogs. It is a natural grassland area, and is home to a number of bird species, including woodpeckers. Laycock Park, along Nose Creek, is a wetland area that is also a great family destination. There are picnic areas and a playground for family outings and pathways for a wonderful day of hiking.

One of the most popular parks in the city is situated downtown. Olympic Plaza was built in 1988 for the Olympic Winter Games. Now, it is used as a gathering spot and has a refrigerated ice surface. With a reflecting pond, waterfalls, and a stage, it is a great gathering place for mid-day and after work activities. Canada Day celebrations and the Calgary Folk Festival are held at Prince's Island Park, also in the downtown area. The park is also a great place for family outings, with trails, a playground and picnic areas.

The Bow River provides a lot of summer activity and use by fly fishermen. Both the Bow and Elbow Rivers are tranquil places for hiking, boating and reflecting.

There are 91 community and city-owned tennis courts in the city, for all to enjoy.

For professional sports lovers, Calgary provides the fix. Home to the Calgary Flames of the National Hockey League, the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League, and the Calgary Roughnecks, of the National Lacrosse League, there is always a game to see. Calgary is also home to several semi-professional teams - the Calgary Crush (American Basketball Association), Calgary United (Canadian Major Indoor Soccer League), and several amateur teams ranging from Junior League hockey to rugby.

There is always a lot of shopping and cultural life in the city. Calgary's downtown will satisfy your inner foodie, whether it is going to the Forest Lawn area of the city for a taste of cuisine from any part of the world, or for poutine from a downtown food truck. There are shopping options galore, with such options as The Core Shopping Centre, which also houses the indoor Devonian Gardens, and Eau Claire Market.

Calgarians are lucky to have places such as the Calgary Zoo and Telus Spark, Calgary's science centre so close by. For arts lovers, the Art Gallery of Calgary displays a rotating exhibition of public contemporary art, and provides community education programs. For a night of performing arts, Calgarians can go to the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium and see anything form theatre, Broadway musicals or ballet. The Auditorium, affectionately known as the "jube" by residents, is also the home of the Alberta Ballet and the Calgary Opera. It is also a great community complex for the community, as it is home to the Alcove Gallery, which features Alberta artists, and hosts many education programs for everyone from child to senior.

If theatre is your thing, there are many to choose from. The EPCOR Centre for the Performing Arts is the home several performance companies, ranging from the bold theatrical works of One Yellow Rabbit, Downstage and Theatre Calgary, to musical companies such as the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. The Centre also hosts yearly events such as the Honens International Piano Competition and the Calgary International Children's Festival. The annual Calgary International Film Festival is a big draw for Calgarians and visitors, and has been recognized as "one of the top 25 film festivals in the world worth your entry fee" by MovieMaker Magazine.

Choral music is alive in Calgary, through the performances of groups from Mount Royal University Conservatory, the award-winning Spiritus Chamber Choir, and the Cantaré Children's Choir.

Calgary is also home to such festivals as the Calgary Folk Music Festival, FunnyFest Calgary Comedy Festival, and Pride Calgary. Calgary also celebrates its diversity by hosting Pride Calgary, the celebration of Caribbean culture known as Carifest, and the Calgary Greek Festival. For writers and readers, events such as Wordfest and Calgary Spoken Word Festival await. There are many more festivals in Calgary for all to enjoy. And we can't forget the Calgary Stampede, which has been a yearly event since 1912. With exhibitions, roping and riding, and concerts from some of the biggest musical acts in the world, the Stampeded is internationally- recognised, and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

For history and art buffs, the choices are many. Glenbow Museum is home to an art gallery and display and honours the history of First Nations people in Canada. The National Music Centre houses vast music collections from Canadian and international music acts, some known, and some not so well known. The Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame displays the artifacts and stories of the country's Olympic champions. The Military Museums of Calgary display the history of Canada's naval, armed and air force brigades.

The Calgary Public Library has eighteen branches located throughout the city. The library has won numerous civic and national awards for its commitment to literacy promotion, community engagement and historical preservation.


The Calgary Board of Education oversees 225 elementary and secondary schools in the city. The Calgary Catholic School District supervises 103 English and French-immersion schools, and the board also serves Airdrie, Chestermere and Cochrane outside of Calgary. If you choose, there are also alternative schooling choices within the city, including private schooling. There are a small number of schools affiliated with religious groups. Calgary also is home to the National Sport School, providing quality education and athletic training to its students.

Post-secondary options include the Alberta College of Arts and Design, and colleges such as Bow Valley College, which has courses and diploma programs in areas such as administration, healthcare and business. There are a number of universities in the area. Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary are both based in Calgary. Athabasca University, University of Lethbridge and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology have satellite campuses in Calgary.

Calgary is truly a world-class city, and its doors are open to welcome you.

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