Shopping around for the best mortgage rates in Edmonton can save you money with each mortgage payment you make. Over the life of your mortgage, you could save a very large sum of money by finding the best rate possible. You want to take every step possible to ensure that you lock in the lowest rate available to you. However, with so many lenders to choose from and many mortgage rules that will affect your decision, shopping around and identifying the best rate available can be difficult and time consuming to do. One of the best decisions that you can make to find the lowest mortgage rates in Edmonton is to use KANETIX.

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KANETIX is the top mortgage comparison service that you can use to locate the lowest interest rates in Edmonton. Whether you have plans to refinance your mortgage or to purchase a new piece of real estate (see our first time home buying tips), we are your best resource. In addition to helping you locate the lowest rate with ease, through KANETIX, you can also compare the rates from many of the top lenders in the country, and you can secure the best rate through our website too. We are the only Edmonton service that provides you with this complete shopping experience. There are other mortgage rate comparison websites that you can choose from in Edmonton, but we are the only website that allows you to secure the best loan once you have found it. This provides you with a faster and easier way to find the best rates possible. In addition, we also provide you with useful resources like our mortgage glossary, and mortgage payment calculator.

How KANETIX Can Help You

KANETIX offers the best mortgage rates in Canada that are updated daily from top mortgage companies like First National, Invis, Street Capital, Mcap and many others. For each lender featured on the website, you can browse through the current mortgage rates and loan terms. There are also special loan details featured on some of the programs that may be critical to your decision making process. You can also see an estimated monthly payment for each of the loan options featured. The website allows you to enter in the loan terms that you are looking for, such as your desired loan term, loan amount and amortization. Once you submit these details, you will be able to determine how much money you can save on your monthly payments by choosing to work with one lender over another. This means that you are comparing customized loan terms that are specific your current lending needs.

Compare Rates and Terms through KANETIX

More than that, when you make the decision to work with KANETIX to compare rates on mortgage renewals, first mortgages, second mortgages and refinancing in Edmonton, you can also simply click on the link provided to apply for the rate that you have found without delay. Whether you are in the market for a fixed rate mortgage, or variable rate mortgage (read about fixed vs variable mortgage rates), you can easily compare the rates and secure your rate through KANETIX. If you aren't sure which loan term you want to apply for, our mortgage information centre makes it easy to get the information you need to compare the options and make a decision that is right for you.

Finding the Right Loan with Ease

KANETIX is committed to helping mortgage borrowers like you simplify and streamline the mortgage application and approval process. You can use the website right now to shop for mortgage rates and compare terms for your refinance or purchase loan. If you are simply interested in exploring the options with ease to determine how much home you can afford to buy or you are actively searching for the right loan for a purchase or refinance loan request, KANETIX is the full-service mortgage comparison website that you can use today. Our service is ideal for all borrowers regardless of which stage in the mortgage process you are at. In addition, there are numerous articles and other mortgage resources available through KANETIX that provide you with more information on everything from common mortgage terms to new rules affecting the local housing mortgage and information about how to pay your mortgage loan off more quickly. This is information that you need to have if you are going to make a sound financial decision that is best for you and your current needs.

At KANETIX, we are your full-service mortgage resource. We are committed to helping you find the best mortgage possible and to ensuring that your loan is right for your needs. Through education, useful information and our powerful rate comparison tool, you can find everything that you need in one convenient location when you shop online for your next home mortgage loan in Edmonton with KANETIX. If you are in the market for a new mortgage loan today, take time to begin putting KANETIX to use today to find the right loan program for your needs.

KANETIX's mortgage rate comparison tool is also available in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland

Edmonton Snapshot

  • Population (2011): 1,159,869
  • Average annual population growth (2006 - 2011): 1.4 per cent
  • Projected population growth: approximately 25 per cent over the next 25 years
  • Median family income (2010): $87,930CAD
  • GDP (2011): $53,891 billion (ranked 4th in Canadian cities)
  • Unemployment rate (May 2013): 4.8 per cent
  • Average Residential resale price (April 2013): $356,807
  • Year-over-year change: 2.4 per cent

Sources: Stats Canada CMHC.

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