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What is an Oakville Mortgage?

Oakville is known for its growing economic prosperity, high standard of living, and quality of life all within a short commute from Toronto. As a result, many Canadians are taking advantage of the opportunity to call Oakville their home. When purchasing a home in Oakville, a mortgage is usually necessary to cover the difference in cost from the down payment and price of the property. Some also choose to take more equity out of their existing properties to form a mortgage as well. This can be beneficial for paying expenses, such as credit card debt, home renovations, or college tuition.

In Oakville, mortgages can be purchased through banks, credit unions, trust companies, mortgage brokers, or other lenders. The rate for the mortgage is the amount of interest that is charged on the loan. Mortgage payments typically are applied to both the interest and the mortgage principal. Only the payment towards the principal will reduce the mortgage loan balance.

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Types of Oakville Mortgages

When shopping around for mortgage rates, interest is not the only thing that needs to be taken into consideration. The type of mortgage loan being offered is crucial too. A variable mortgage rate can be adjusted with the prime lending rate, which can fluctuate throughout the life of the loan. On the other hand, a fixed mortgage has a set rate that will never change for the entire term of the mortgage. The decision between these two types is typically based on your individual tolerance for risk, expected rate changes in the market, and the current interest rate levels.

Furthermore, mortgages are categorized as being either open or closed. Open mortgages are usually only suggested if you want to make additional pre-payments more than with the closed mortgages, since they can be paid off at any time. Closed mortgages come with payment limitations that restrict how much you can pay each month. If you pay more than this established limit, a penalty could result. The choice between open and closed mortgages depends upon your expected future payment habits, as well as your cash flow.

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Oakville, Ontario General Information

  • Population: 182,520
  • Annual Growth Rate: 3.0%
  • Population Makeup: 92.5% Canadian citizens, 7.46% Non-Canadian citizens
  • Population Density: 1,195.2 per square kilometre
  • Total Private Dwellings: 58,828
  • Private Houses/Condos Occupied: 56,528
  • Existing Home Price: $710,879
  • Median Age of Residents: 40.2 years
  • Median Household Income: $92,394
  • Unemployment Rate: 8.0%
This summary is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon without verification by contacting a mortgage professional.


There are many reasons to move to a town like Oakville. Located in the Halton Region of Ontario, Oakville is approximately 40 kilometres southwest of Toronto. With a population of 182,520 (2011 census), it is just the right size and has just the right energy for people from all walks of life.

A culturally and ethnically diverse community, Oakville evokes village charm in a large town with all of the amenities. While urban and upscale, encompassing a vibrant arts culture, excellent shopping, sports, recreation and multicultural activities, it is also a town that sits enviously on Lake Ontario, boasting a beautiful waterfront, an extensive parks system, trails for hiking and biking and diverse wildlife. With a low crime rate, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and a comprehensive and full-service public transit system, it is definitely a place where residents can live fulfilling lives. Oakville is taking its place as a driver for innovative environmental, accessibility and sustainable programs, ensuring a quality of life for a resident that is second to none.


Oakville's public schools are under the jurisdiction of the Halton District School Board, while Catholic schools, both English and French immersion are served by the Halton Catholic District School Board. There are also a number of private and independent schools in Oakville.

Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning is a highly respected polytechnic, educating its students for careers in visual and performing arts, business, community services and technical fields. The campuses in Oakville (main campus), Mississauga and Brampton have a combined student population of around 17,000 full-time students. In 2012, Sheridan was ranked the best school in the world for animation education and training.


Oakville sits on the northern shore of Lake Ontario. Oakville's shipbuilding, lumber and wheat history, and its designation in the early 1800's as a port of Entry to Canada has defined its harbours and waters. Drive down the streets south of Lakeshore Boulevards and one will see the many heritage homes of the early settlers of the community.

Many of the parks in town overlook Lake Ontario. Now home to two historical harbours, Bronte Harbour and Oakville Harbour, residents still celebrate the town's nautical traditions. Oakville Harbour is the destination for the Royal Canadian Yacht Club Races from Toronto. The Oakville Yacht Club was built in 1907.


It is easy to get around Oakville. Whether by car or by public transit, Oakvillians can easily get to where they are going.

Public Transportation

Oakville's public bus system, Oakville Transit, accommodates the needs of all users and covers all of Oakville. And, a trip to the nearby cities of Mississauga and Burlington, and the Town of Milton is stress-free, as the municipalities share many facilities with Oakville, so transferring to their public transit systems, and to GO Transit is simple and convenient.


GO Transit, "GO" standing for Government of Ontario, connects cities, towns and suburbs in the GTA. GO Transit offers a network of buses and trains for commuters. If travelling on Oakville Transit, you can connect with the GO Transit at designated GO stations throughout Oakville. This makes travelling from Oakville for work or play an easy and comfortable part of the day.

The Via Rail station in Oakville is also the home of the GO Transit rail service station. VIA Rail provides full train service from Oakville to all areas Via Rail serves.

Highway access

Highway 401 runs cuts through the Town of Oakville, making it easily accessible. Highways 407 and 403 are also easy to get onto from within Oakville.


Oakville's natural beauty, close to the Niagara escarpment, sitting on Lake Ontario, encourages an active lifestyle. There are over 1 420 hectares of parkland within town limits, with 150 kilometres of trails. With over 200 parks, and community gardens, play areas for children, secure and fenced-in off-leash dog parks (because Spot has to play too!); life in Oakville is definitely NOT boring!

Oakville has more than 105 kilometres of routes available for cycling, and whether your preference is for road or off-road adventure, you can easily get your "ride on". There are more that 150 kilometres of trails for walking and exploring. Great for a family day out! The trails connect the multiple neighbourhoods around Oakville, and because they are so extensive and reach all parts of Oakville, they provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to road travel.

Oakville's parks contribute so much to the serenity and beauty of the town, and are home to diverse flora and fauna. Community parks such as Bronte Heritage Waterfront Park, Coronation Park, and Lions Valley Park (which boasts a pedestrian bridge over Sixteen Mile Creek) provide a day of fun and relaxation for all ages. Erchless Estate, which has been restored to its original 20th century glory, is home to a 90 year-old rock garden, and the grounds are a study of Oakville's history. On a trip to Gairloch Gardens, one can visit the heritage home of James Gairdner, now Gairloch Gallery, and walk through the magnificent rose gardens, which provide glorious colour between June and September. Many of the neighbourhoods in Oakville are home to local parks, which, while much smaller than the community parks, are great for picnics and a day of play. Some of the parks have ice rinks in the winter. South Shell Waterfront Park is a stopover for migratory birds, including some at-risk species, making it a premier bird-watching spot.


Whether you are into sports, arts or shopping, there is always something to do in Oakville. There are a number of opportunities for sporting activities year-round. During the winter, most parks and trails are maintained by the town and open to the public for winter hiking or cross-country skiing. If downhill skiing is your passion, Glen Eden, in nearby Milton, is the place to go. Other winter activities include hockey leagues for children and adults, and public skating on indoor and outdoor rinks.

In the summer, there is always something to do. Not only are the parks and trials available for enjoyment, there are three skateboard parks, 15 splash pads, water parks, and 64 public tennis courts in 28 parks throughout the community, providing ample opportunity for individuals to lead an active lifestyle.

Are you a golfer? There are nine public golf courses in the Oakville area, including the famed Glen Abbey Golf Club. Glen Abbey, which opened more than 30 years ago, is the home of the Royal Canadian Golf Association and the Canadian Golf Museum and Hall of Fame.

The Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre (QEPCCC) is a multi-use gathering place for the community, and hosts different cultural, sporting and recreational events yearlong. Classes, programs and activities for all ages are always on the go. Gymnasium facilities, an aquatics centre, dance studios, and spaces for artistic endeavours such as recording facilities, theatre, gallery and museum. A drop-in studio for all ages offers low-cost access to a ceramics studio and a fine arts studio.

Oakville has a growing and vibrant art and music scene, restaurants that range from popular franchises to fresh bakeries and small cafes, British pubs, and eateries offering a selection of ethnic cuisine. A night out is never dull, where one can walk to a restaurant for dinner, to the theatre for a play or concert and then walk to a hot spot for a night of dancing. And, if you want to head to a larger centre for the evening, Toronto is only a 40 minute GO train ride away.

The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts is a venue that showcases national and international talent, while providing local programming, performance opportunities and activities for its residents.

Oakville Galleries presents contemporary art to the community, through exhibitions and a comprehensive education component. Situated in a lovely heritage home on gorgeous parkland, gallery visitors are offered a wonderful arts experience, and the chance to explore a piece of Oakville's history.

Held in early August ever year, the Oakville Jazz Festival hosts some of the best jazz artists from around the world, turning the downtown area into a musical feast for the whole family to share.

The Oakville Museum, housed in the historic buildings of Erchless Estate, which was once the home for Oakville's founding family, has a view of Lake Ontario. Visitors have access to all the buildings, gardens and land on the estate, and can learn about the history of Oakville, its founders and its people.

The Oakville Public Library offers programming and services for all members of the community. Books, reference resources, magazines, and computer services, including internet access, are all available for visitor use.

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