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City of Ottawa General Information

  • Population (2011): 883,391 (6.6 per cent of Ontario)
  • Population Makeup (2006): 77.7 per cent Canadian born; 22.3 per cent foreign born
  • Average annual population growth (2006 - 2011): 1.7 per cent
  • Projected population growth: grow to 1,192,200 by 2021
  • Median family income (2010): $94,771
  • GDP (2010): $47 billion
  • Unemployment rate (July 2012): 6.4 per cent
  • CPI Inflation (2011): 3 per cent

Sources: Stats Canada and

City of Ottawa Real Estate Market

  • Housing starts (June 2012 YTD): 3,798
    • Year-over-year change: 57.3 per cent
  • Average Residential resale price (June 2012): $557,884
    • Year-over-year change: 18.2 per cent

The months of May and June experienced the highest acceleration in the growth of construction in the city. After a growth spurt of sales late in 2011, Ottawa's resale market is showing signs of slowing down. Home price growth has also moderated by 2.1 per cent during April - June, slightly above the rate of inflation.

Sources: CMHC

Top Mortgage Brokers in Ottawa

Ottawa mortgage brokers are a popular choice for mortgage purchasers in the Ottawa region. Working with mortgage brokers offers many benefits including: free advice, wide variety of products, and great mortgage rates, among others. Mortgage brokers, or mortgage agents as they're often called, are accredited mortgage professionals who focus solely on mortgage financing. Therefore, they have the needed knowledge base to help customers regardless of their unique circumstances. Working with a mortgage broker is free since brokers get compensated from lenders whose products they sell. We at have in fact chosen to work with a few of the country's most experienced and well known brokers for those exact reasons. Brokers are becoming an increasingly important group in the mortgage financing process and their presence and impact on the industry will grow in the years to come.

This summary is for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon without verification by contacting a mortgage professional.

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