Best Time To Travel To CanadaDue to its location in the upper reaches of the northern hemisphere, Canada is a country visited by snow and cold weather for much of the year. Vacationing in this beautiful country does require some consideration of expected weather and attractions and events a family or visitor might want to experience.

The summertime is the most common time for families to vacation to and around Canada, but there are also wintertime pursuits and sports that snow fans will want to explore during the colder months of the year. Travellers should remember that the entire country doesn't have the same weather patterns all year long. While some of the mountainous areas of Alberta will experience many feet of snow each year, the temperate, milder climate of Vancouver rarely sees such arctic temperatures.

Canada in the Spring

The first flowers of spring arrive at different times all over Canada, and while the west coast will see beautiful tulips and the return of a green landscape as early as February, areas inland and northward may see snow well toward summer. Springtime in Canada is a great time to avoid the big winter crowds and visit attractions before summer travellers arrive. One pleasant activity to enjoy during a Canadian spring is the Canadian Tulip Festival, which happens each May. In addition to the display of millions of tulips during this Ottawa festival, visitors also get to see many nights of fireworks.

Another fun activity in the spring is visiting one of the many maple syrup festivals around the country as Canadians celebrate their affinity for this sweet condiment in places like Quebec and Ontario. Incredibly, Canada's maple syrup exports constitute around 85 per cent of the world's maple syrup supply. Visitors to these syrup celebrations have the opportunity to learn how to make maple syrup of their very own.

Canada in the Summer

The weather in Canada during the summer varies wildly, and one day the sun might come out with temperatures near 30 and another day clouds might roll in and push the temperature down to 15 degrees. For this reason, travellers in Canada during the summer will want to have a few coats and sweaters for layering packed away just in case the temperature changes unexpectedly.

Activities in Canada during the summer run the gamut from extreme hiking in the back country to chic shopping trips in major metropolitan areas like Vancouver, Toronto, and Quebec. The summer is a wonderful time to vacation in Canada because the weather caters to any sort of activity whether it's an urban trip to Calgary or a scenic retreat to Ontario's cottage country. A particularly popular summer activity in Canada is the Calgary Stampede, which attracts thousands of visitors for world class rodeo, horse racing, and major music concerts.

Canada in the Fall

Exploring Canada as a "leaf peeper" is a leisurely and beautiful way to see the Canadian countryside in the fall, and there are some prime spots around the country for this activity. During the early fall months of September and October, the vibrant foliage of Alberta offers some of the best foliage viewing opportunities. Visitors will want to seek out locales like Banff's Tunnel Mountain or nearby Johnston's Canyon.

Other terrific spots for viewing the turn of fall foliage include Algonquin Park in Ontario and the sugar maple trees of The Laurentian Mountains in Quebec. Prince Edward Island also offers a beautiful array of different foliage colors and is a terrific spot for a late-fall foliage trip. Fall in Canada also offers travellers the opportunity to see the country without all the summer tourists crowding every beautiful vantage point and attraction.

Canada in the Winter

Winter is an exceptionally popular time to travel in Canada because of the country's love of winter sports and the many attractions around the country that cater to skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. Although the temperatures in some parts of Canada might reach subzero temperatures where the risk of frostbite is a possibility, this freezing weather isn't enough to keep Canadians indoors for the season.

For families or couples who want to experience the best powder and skiing that Canada has to offer, one of the most highly rated spots to visit includes the Whitewater Ski Resort in British Columbia, which has a fun throwback appeal and is never too crowded. Local weather statistics suggest the area gets a healthy 12 meters of snowfall every single year. Another terrific spot for enjoying the snowfall and mountains in Canada is the Kicking Horse Ski Resort, also in British Columbia, which caters to extreme skiers and lovers of black diamond slopes.

The vast and beautiful country of Canada offers entertainment and terrific opportunities for travel every month of the year. Choosing when to visit merely requires a decision on what activities a family or couple wants for their trip across Canada's beautiful landscape and vibrant cities. Each season in Canada offers different opportunities for relaxation, exploration, and quintessentially Canadian adventures.

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