10 Awe Inspiring Entrepreneur Interviews to Get You Motivated

You may have creative ideas running through your head, but it may take a spark of wisdom from a business leader to stimulate you to take action. I've taken the liberty of  selecting a list of my favorite interviews that I believe to be the most insightful and particularly awe inspiring. Without further adieu, here's my list:

Are you having trouble getting started?

1. Richard Branson, CEO and founder of Virgin Air, Virgin Records, and Virgin Galactic, tells us to ignore the naysayers and just get on with it. Mr. Branson also believes that it doesn't matter if your company is small; a small company can succeed if it offers its customers exceptional service.

2. Magic Johnson, NBA basketball great and astute businessman, says that often he is motivated by someone telling him his dream is impossible. If someone tells him he can't do it, he will persist at the endeavor until he succeeds just to prove that they are wrong.

Should you start big or small?

3. Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Computers, tells the new entrepreneur that although he started small, his company is an industry giant now. He began his company on $1000 and has now built it up to over a $60 billion a year company.

4. Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos, urges us to always think bigger. The company began selling shoes, but branched out and now offers a large selection of online clothing in addition to shoes.

5. Reid Hoffman, Executive Chairman of LinkedIn, agrees that bigger is better, because it takes the same amount of work to get your company going whether you think big or small. This insight is found in the third segment of a three part interview with Mr. Hoffman in which he offers entrepreneurs five tips for success.

Good working habits for any business person.

6. Gina Trapani, who founded the blog, LifeHacker, believes that it is critical to your success to deal with problems immediately as they arise. You should answer that e-mail or return that phone call immediately rather than putting it off.

7. Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, suggests that you should find self-motivated, talented people and let them do their thing. Don't micromanage. Likewise, Richard Branson believes that great businesses are built on great people; he will almost always hire friendly people over experienced candidates because he wants his customers to have a pleasant experience.

The Big Picture – Three interviews from industry giants.

8. An interview with Donald Trump reveals that you should follow the title of his book, and Think Like a Champion. Champions have a deep sense of purpose combined with a strong belief in quality and ethics. He feels that it is important to get a momentum going, and to sustain it. You must remain positive in you outlook in order to keep moving forward everyday.

9. Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines, believes that persistence is an important quality for every entrepreneur. Be like a dog with a bone: keep at it until you achieve your goal.

10. Ted Turner, founder of CNN, believes that the role of the media is to inform the public of current events as accurately and truthfully as possible. Throwing in a little inspiration is also a good thing.


These interviews are the tip of the iceberg of the information available on the internet. Anyone thinking about starting their own company should listen to these and take notes! You never know what's in your future as an entrepreneur, but you'd better be ready for it.