5 Things You Need to Know This Week

In this new weekly series, we round up the stories you don't want to miss. From travel to real estate, automobiles, politics and technology, each week we'll share the stories that caught our attention. The inaugural edition features, among other things, a heads up about Ontario's new road rules, an intro to the craziest travel jacket of all time, and some reassurance that a nasty house can be yours too for the low, low cost of $1 million dollars.

Unliveable House

1. "Unlivable" Toronto Home Sells For $1 Million

Buying a house ain’t cheap in Toronto, a city where even "unlivable" houses sell for a million dollars. That's exactly what happened in the city's Beaches neighbourhood when a home the community deemed as the "hillbilly house" sold for $1 million—a striking $100,000 over the asking price. “With this, it was location, location,” realtor Lindsay Wright told Metro News. “Obviously, my concern with it was I didn’t want anyone to hurt themselves inside. You don’t know what’s loose.” The listing warned potential buyers to enter at their own risk. The place had "evidence of animals," no working electricity and a hole in the roof. Despite the price, realtors said it's not that uncommon for a house on such coveted land to sell for so high. Commenters, on the other hand, speculate that this could be a project for HGTV.

Source: Metro News

2. New Road Rules For Ontario as of September 1

Penalties have gone up across the province for a number of offences. Distracted driving fines have climbed to a minimum of $490 plus three demerit points, with licence suspensions issued to novice drivers. Three convictions and novice drivers can kiss their licence goodbye. The province is also beginning to take collisions involving cyclists and cars more seriously. Fines for "dooring" a cyclist now start at $365 and come with three demerit points. Drivers, always check your blind spots before opening a door to prevent severely injuring a cyclist and subjecting yourself to fines and points. Also, you're going to want to start treating tow trucks with flashing amber lights as you would an ambulance, fire truck or police car. If you see one, slow down and move over to an adjacent lane when possible or risk fines starting at $490.

Source: Kanetix.ca

3. Almost Half of Car Seats Don't Fit Vehicles Properly

Researchers from the Ohio State University College of Medicine have found that 42 per cent of car seats don't properly fit into vehicles. The study found parents have many unique ways of dealing with this—rolling up towels or blankets, or wedging pool noodles under the seat—but the researchers advise that a properly fitting seat still offers the most protection for a child. The study looked at 59 car seat models and 61 car vehicles to analyze 3,600 possible combinations. While the full results of the research will be released in the Traffic Injury Prevention journey next month, researchers issued a statement saying, "the problem is the base of several rear-facing car seats are designed for different seat pan angles than most vehicles provide." While the study noted that the car seats were inspected and considered safe, it noted that to optimize safety it's crucial to ensure you get the right seat for your vehicle's angles.

Source: Globe & Mail

BauBax Travel Jacket

4. "Swiss Army Knife" of Travel Jackets Breaks Crowdfunding Records

A jacket that has been deemed the "Swiss army knife" of travel accessories has broken Kickstarter records and surpassed its crowdfunding goal by more than $9.1 million dollars (US). BauBax founders initially set out to raise $20,000 to fund their 15-in-1 jacket that includes features such as a built-in neck pillow, hand warming pockets, a built-in portable charger, pockets for phones, passports, iPads, drinks, and even a zipper that functions as a stylus. At the time of publishing they'd raised almost $10 million in backing. The jacket comes in four styles for men and four for women, and claims to be the world's best travel jacket. See for yourself.

Source: Refinery29

**Since this story was posted, the campaign has moved to Indiegogo.

5. OPP On The Hunt For Distracted Drivers This Weekend

If Ontario's aforementioned new fines aren't enough to deter you from driving distracted this weekend, perhaps news of the forthcoming blitz will. Police will be on the lookout for distracted drivers this Labour Day weekend in an effort to enforce the new legislation. To help combat distracted driving in the province, "Text Stops" have been added at four ONroute service stations (King City, Cambridge, Woodstock and Port Hope). Similar blitzes will be occurring across the country, so no matter where you're heading to this long weekend, make sure you leave the phone alone.

Source: CTV News

Have a great long weekend and check out these tips if you plan to hit the road.