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A Closer Look at Net Worth

What do Statistics Canada and Kim Kardashian have in common? Let me save you the trouble of wracking your brain for the (seemingly implausible answer): they both know how to make waves in the headlines. Stats Canada recently accomplished this feat with a study concluding that the Canadian middle class is prospering as never before. ... Continue Reading

What's Holding You Back?

Money is about as objective and unemotional a subject as you can find ... until you get into the realm of "personal finance", that is. Despite plenty of well-founded exhortations to keep emotions and finances separate, most of us can't help but be all too subjective when it comes to what is (or isn't) in ... Continue Reading

A Financial Gift Guide for the New Year

Whether you've been good or naughty this year, personal finance is probably one of the last things you want to think about come holiday time. There are so many other more fun and interesting things to think about, do, see, and eat! And plenty of opportunities to blow a budget ... or two. Many people ... Continue Reading

Invest in Yourself

It's a universally acknowledged truth (in the Personal Finance world) that merely being good at saving money doesn't put you on the road to untold wealth. You've got to make your money work for you, unleashing the awesome power of compound interest, dividends and the like. It can be an intimidating prospect for a newbie, ... Continue Reading

Kicking the Shopaholic Habit

Shopaholics are the blondes of the Personal Finance world; everyone has a joke – or a cautionary tale – to tell at their expense. Understandably, most people baulk at the label because of its negative connotations. A few proactively adopt it, defying anyone to dare criticize. But no matter whether you are a self-professed shopaholic, ... Continue Reading