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Big-Time Fraud: Top Ten Cases of Notorious Fraud

Some executives never get enough; these are the people who put personal reputations, clients and employees on the line. The most famous cases of business fraud tend to be remembered for their societal impact, the status of the organizations involved or the amount of money gained, and lost, in the process. As March’s Fraud Prevention ... Continue Reading

Traditional Marketing Not Working? Try Growth Hacking!

Growth hacking is much more than a new marketing buzzword. It is nothing less than a revolution in marketing. What Is Growth Hacking? Growth hacking is a non-traditional marketing approach by an entrepreneur to increase adoption of his or her product. This is done by “hacking” an idea together that will result in explosive growth. ... Continue Reading

10 Awe Inspiring Entrepreneur Interviews to Get You Motivated

You may have creative ideas running through your head, but it may take a spark of wisdom from a business leader to stimulate you to take action. I've taken the liberty of  selecting a list of my favorite interviews that I believe to be the most insightful and particularly awe inspiring. Without further adieu, here's ... Continue Reading

How to Build an Online Brand

Clifford Stoll, a fuzzy-haired astronomer with a trimmed black mustache, caught a notorious KGB hacker in the 1990s and has authored a number of critically acclaimed books. However, Stoll, a charismatic and intelligent man, is bested remembered for his ignominious 1996 report published in Newsweek, “The Internet? Bah!” in which he claimed that e-commerce was ... Continue Reading