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Hands-Free Technology Not Keeping Drivers Hands-Free

Just over sixty years ago, it was unheard of to have even a cup holder in your car. In fact, people used to actually stop and park their cars to eat or drink (imagine that?). Cars back then were simply built for the purpose of driving, not for accommodating your busy lifestyle or entertaining your ... Continue Reading

5 Eco-Friendly Tools for Spring Cleaning Your Car

Get Your Car Clean While Staying Green Let’s face it, while Canadian winters can be beautiful and incredibly fun, they can also make a mess of your vehicle. Now that spring's here, it's time to give our cars a good old-fashioned scrub down. If you're thinking of hitting the road this long weekend, be sure ... Continue Reading

Where to Find the Happiest—and Unhappiest—Canadians

Earlier this month, Stats Canada released a report listing the happiest and unhappiest cities in Canada. On the happier side of the list, this research uncovered Saguenay and Trois-Rivières as Canada’s happiest cities. While on the less-happy side of the list, Vancouver and Toronto were found to have the least satisfied citizens. Related Read: The ... Continue Reading

5 DIY Ways To Save Money Around The Home

In a world that seems to be getting more expensive by the minute, it’s pretty rare to come across someone who doesn’t like to save money. Whether or not finances are tight, saving money always feels like a victory. Here are five do-it-yourself ways that you can save money around your home… 1. Be a ... Continue Reading

Deck the Cars: 5 Festive Car Accessories

The holiday season is by far the most festive season of the year. Canadians love to dress in ugly holiday sweaters, bake treats, and decorate their homes, desks and even their cars. Yes, even cars. In case you’re interested in bringing a joyous holiday theme to the roads, check out these festive car accessories. 1. ... Continue Reading