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Know Before You Go: Staying Safe and Healthy While Travelling

Conseils pour rester en sécurité et en santé en voyage

It's that time of year when many of us start planning our winter escape to warmer destinations, whether for an all-inclusive week somewhere south or an adventurous family vacation in a sunnier nation! While planning is an interesting part of the whole travel process, it's not always easy to choose the best and safest places ... Continue Reading

Travel Etiquette: Canada's Pet Peeves

Travel Etiquette: Canada’s Pet Peeves

We've all had that moment when a stranger hogs the armrest during an entire flight, or an oblivious traveller watches a loud YouTube video in a public place. Take a deep breath and stay calm, because you're on vacation! With the upcoming holiday travel season quickly approaching, travel etiquette should be top of mind to ... Continue Reading

Zika Virus Reaches Florida – Should You Cancel Your Trip?

Virus Zika – Devriez-vous annuler votre voyage?

With its progress regularly reported in international news, especially given the recent Olympics in Brazil, the Zika virus has been making travellers nervous for months. It wasn't until recently though that it hit North Americans close to home when it was announced that mosquitoes in Miami were spreading the virus. Map Source: Centers for Disease ... Continue Reading

Top 5 Value Destinations Where Your Loonie Will Go Further

Fluctuating currencies have left many travellers wondering where to go next. Canadians are no different. Even with our loonie's steep plunge on the international market, a recent Expedia survey confirms that our desire to travel is still strong with 64 per cent of Canadians planning to roam the world in 2016. However, for three-quarters of ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Places to Visit in Canada and Why

As our currency struggles on the international market, 2016 is destined to be a great year for Canadian travel. Domestic travel is trending, as’s most recent survey confirms that 64 per cent of Canadians intend on travelling this year, however, many expect to keep their travels close to home with 73 per cent saying ... Continue Reading