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Home Sweet Home: Renter’s Insurance Matters

a picture of a couch

No matter if you rent or own, a place that's yours is home sweet home.

Why An Extended Hospital Stay Could Be Worse for Your Health

Busy hospital with people walking down hallway

Preventable harm can extend hospital stays, this is how supplemental insurance can protect you.

Pregnancy and Travel Insurance: What You Need to Know

A couple lying on the couch looking at a table. She's pregnant.

Are you pregnant and want to plan a getaway before the baby comes? Here's what you need to know about travel insurance and when it's safe to fly.

Ontario Reversing Travel Insurance Changes for Some Patients

Allergies, pas d’accès à bord sans épinéphrine sur Air Canada

Ontario announced that kidney patients who receive dialysis will get coverage for those services outside of Canada under a new partnership with the Ontario Renal Network. The move is in response to the elimination of the Out-of-Country Travellers Program, which had provided this benefit previously.

3 Different Uses for Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Insurance

A man looks at a lake in Banff

Medical insurance for visitors to Canada is an important investment.