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Am I Covered? When is Supplemental Health Insurance Necessary?

Supplemental health insurance can cover the costs provincial health plans don't pay for, including specialty drugs, eye, and dental care.

Upcoming Holiday or Vacation? Travel Insurance Mistakes to Avoid & Tips

Travelling abroad? Mistakes with travel insurance can cost you. To save money, use these helpful tips and get the best travel insurance rates too.

7 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

Over 60 percent of your credit score rests on factors you can control, including on-time payments and how much credit you use in relation to your total amount of credit available.

Health Insurance: What New Canadian Citizens Should Know

If you’re a new citizen to Canada, you might have a lot of questions about how to start new health insurance. Maybe you heard that health insurance in Canada is free. Or, maybe you heard that every type of service is covered. While Canada provides insurance for its residents, they pay for their healthcare costs ... Continue Reading

Border Town? Get Annual Travel Insurance

For those living in Canadian border towns, travelling to the United States may be a common activity. There are 31 border crossings in Quebec alone, and most of them are open year around, 24 hours per day. While the noticeable differences between the United States and Canada along the border may be subtle, there are ... Continue Reading