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New Air Passenger Regulations for Canadian Travellers

A woman waiting for her flight, looking at her watch because it's delayed.

Flight rights for travellers now in place. Lost luggage. Flight delay. Getting bumped. Talk to any traveller and chances they’ve got a tale to tell about a travel experience that was anything but smooth. Some experiences, however, are more disruptive than others and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has introduced regulations that aim to help ... Continue Reading

Summer’s Sizzle Takes Its Toll on Your Car’s Battery

A women stranded on the side of a road due to an overheated car. She's calling for help while looking at the steam coming off her engine.

High temperatures drive up calls for roadside help due to overworked batteries. Baby, it’s hot outside and even hotter under the hood of your car. According to CAA South Central Ontario, when the temperature reaches 32 C on a hot summer day, the temperature inside your car can hit 60 C and beyond. It’s why, ... Continue Reading

Spring Floods in Eastern Canada Caused $208 Million in Damages

Water damage in a home's family room.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) says damages caused by the floods experienced in eastern Canada, particularly Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick, in late April/early May resulted in $208 million in insured damages. The hardest hit was Quebec, where damages are estimated to be $127 million. In Ontario, damages come in at $74 million, while ... Continue Reading

10 Destinations Where You Can’t Beat the Eats

Let your inner-foodie guide you on where your travels take you next. For the love of food, book your flight, pack your bags and get ready to whet your appetite with Lonely Planet’s “definitive foodie bucket-list”. Unabashedly called, Ultimate Eats, the list is a smorgasbord of food experiences to suit every traveller’s taste. “Whether it's ... Continue Reading

How to Be a Responsible Tourist

How to Be a Responsible Tourist

Travel tips to help you be the best tourist you can be when you’re in someone else’s home country. Tourism is a massive industry. According to the UN, 1.3 billion tourists travel internationally each year and the tourism sector represents one in 10 jobs globally as a result. Tourism is also expected to grow 3 ... Continue Reading