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12 Photogenic Travel Destinations in Canada

Say cheese, Canada! Canadians and tourists alike are picture crazy about you and it shows. Whether it’s the bright city lights or the northern lights, there’s no shortage of shots to show off the amazing places in Canada that people can’t wait to share with friends back home. Picture Perfect Canada A picture is worth ... Continue Reading

World Real Estate: Where You Must Be A Millionaire to Live

The world is full of beautiful cities where people can lead a modest and comfortable lifestyle. There are also beautiful cities that have that something extra to offer, where comfort gives way to an opulence that is beyond what most middle- to upper-middle-class families can afford. These cities are sprinkled across the globe and make ... Continue Reading

The Most Common Distracted Driving Mistakes that can Kill

Cars are meant for driving, and modern vehicles are made with all kinds of safety features that are designed to keep you and your passengers safe. That said, no matter how safe a vehicle is, there are no guarantees. Collisions occur every day here in Canada, in the United States, and anywhere where people drive ... Continue Reading

Top 17 Restaurants in all of Canada

In the most basic sense, food is an important and necessary part of living. Looking beyond that, eating and sharing food is also an integral part of social interaction and bonding. It even helps when it comes to learning about different environments and the people who live there. This definitely holds true in Canada, which ... Continue Reading

7 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing an Older Home

Older homes have a definite charm that new homes simply can't replicate with any authenticity. Whether it is the architecture, the mature landscaping, or some undefinable factor that draws one's eye and interest, older homes can be an attractive option for some. For people who are looking to buy a home, purchasing an older structure ... Continue Reading