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Watch: The Fastest Way to Commute in Toronto

Watch: The Fastest Way to Commute in Toronto

Bike vs. car vs. public transit: Which mode of transportation wins the title of being "The Fastest Way to Commute in Toronto"? To test congestion in Toronto via different forms of transit, conducted a race between three employees. All three were asked to race during rush hour, from the office to Casa Loma—a ... Continue Reading

13 Things About Canadian Cars and Driving You Probably Didn’t Know

Canada is currently credited as the tenth-largest auto producer in the world, but as car crazy as we are, we’ve compiled a list of 13 things you probably didn’t know about Canada’s driving record. 1. We drove on the left until the 1920s (at least, some of us did) To some, it may come as ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Congested Intersections in Toronto

As the most populated city in Canada, it goes without saying that Toronto streets have some of the worst traffic. So as a part of a city-wide congestion management project, Toronto Mayor John Tory recently announced 10 of Toronto's busiest intersections and further plans to improve traffic flow and safety. Related Read: HOT Lanes Expected ... Continue Reading

The Age-Old Question: Who Gets into More Car Accidents?

Is it men or women? Teenagers or seniors? It's an age-old question: who gets into more collisions? But the fact of the matter is that regardless of age or gender, car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere to anyone. We went out on the streets to see if people know who gets into more accidents ... Continue Reading

Can a Pikachu Lead to an Increase in My Car Insurance Rate?

Pikachu Car Insurance Feature Pic.jpg

In just a few weeks since its initial release on July 6, 2016, Pokémon Go has become an international cultural phenomenon; causing many to bury their heads in their cellphones while hunting the digital creatures, and posing a whole new threat to pedestrians and motorists alike. It’s the latest craze that’s causing people all over ... Continue Reading