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Putting Yourself First

We’ve turned the corner to November and everyone has shifted their focus to the holiday season. I’m surrounded by tinsel and wrapping paper everywhere I go so this is coming out now. Before it’s too late for you! lol Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and all that comes with it. But mostly I … Continue Reading

Portable, Healthy AND Easy Snacks

Travelling, running around with the kids, and long work days make for a nutritional challenge at times. I regularly hear of people neglecting to eat due to their busy schedule, or reaching for less than ideal “snack” foods in order to simply get through the day. Newsflash! Potato chips, cookies, gummies, coffee, and chocolate bars … Continue Reading

Have You “Fall”en Off The Wagon?

Back to school, back to work, back to routine. This can can sometimes become such an overwhelming change from our lax summer days of leisure. Recreational activity as a whole can sometimes suffer the “Fall”out from this return to responsible life and you may find that you have strayed from your fitness routine as a … Continue Reading

HIIT Up an At-Home Workout

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is all the rage right now in the fitness world, but what exactly is it? HIIT combines bursts or intervals of high intensity anaerobic exercise with periods of rest. In other words, you work your pants off for a set interval and then take a chance to catch your breath … Continue Reading

Cash In On Exercise!

Healthy Workplace

I’m sure your company recognizes that your employees are your most valuable assets and that a healthy and productive team will propel your business toward success. But exactly how does implementing a healthy and fit office space affect your bottom line and increase the success of your company? Fit and healthy employees tend to… Take … Continue Reading