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Canadians Using Car Rentals as Extended Test Drives

The nature of test-driving vehicles has changed. Various studies have found that consumers are visiting fewer dealerships than ever before prior to purchasing a new (or used) vehicle. But a new survey reveals that test-driving rental cars may play a bigger role in helping consumers decide which vehicles to purchase. The study, conducted by Enterprise ... Continue Reading

Quick Insurance Tips For Modified Cars recently visited Importfest, known as "Canada's biggest and baddest car show," to talk to car owners about modified vehicles. Did you know certain modifications can render your auto insurance policy invalid, meaning you could be out of luck (and thousands of dollars!) in the event of a claim? The following tips will help ensure ... Continue Reading

5 Things You Need to Know This Week

In this new weekly series, we round up the stories you don't want to miss. From travel to real estate, automobiles, politics and technology, each week we'll share the stories that caught our attention. The inaugural edition features, among other things, a heads up about Ontario's new road rules, an intro to the craziest travel ... Continue Reading

Kanetix TV: What To Ask Before You Buy A New Car

Canadians are setting records and buying more new vehicles than ever before, according to data from Statistics Canada. With so many Canadians buying new cars, and so many options available on the market, it's important to sit down and ask yourself a few key questions before you drive your new set of wheels off the ... Continue Reading

Toronto to Lower Residential Speed Limits in East York and Downtown

In a unanimous decision, members of the Toronto and East York community council voted on Monday to reduce speed limits on 387 km of residential roads from 40 km/h to 30 km/h. Supporter Councillor Gord Perks says the move has one key motive: saving lives. Related: Ontario Government Looking to Lower Speed Limits in Residential ... Continue Reading