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Canadians Are Vacation Deprived

Canadians Are Vacation Deprived's annual Vacation Deprivation Survey suggests that Canadians are vacation deprived and in need a holiday. This year, the survey reveals, Canadians will receive an average of 17 vacation days, but will end up taking only 15.5 of their allotted vacation days. This means there will be close to 10 million vacation days left unused ... Continue Reading

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars: The Future Of The Automotive Industry?

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

It looks like the automotive tides could be changing. A recent study undertaken by Hyundai suggests that the majority of Canadians are ready to say goodbye to gasoline powered vehicles and hello to hydrogen fuel cell electric and non-gasoline powered automobiles. While the majority of Canadians, 75 per cent, said they would like to drive ... Continue Reading

Beyond Wonderland: Canada’s Best Amusement Parks

August is coming to an end, students are getting ready to go back to school and employees are taking their last vacation days of the summer. The good news is the fun doesn't have to stop just yet. While the Canadian National Exhibition (the Ex) is often a sign for Ontarians that summer is coming ... Continue Reading

8 of the Best Vineyards and Wineries in Canada

Peller Estates

Sip some fine wine this summer at one of the best vineyards and wineries Canada has to offer. Canada is home to some truly remarkable wine regions with breathtaking scenery and delicious wines made right here on Canadian soil. There’s nothing better than sipping fresh wine outside under the warm summer sun, and as August ... Continue Reading

Summer Guide to Relaxation: The Top Hot Springs and Outdoor Spas in Canada

Canada has some beautiful hot springs and outdoor spas. Not only are they soothing, but these unique escapes are a great way to unwind. They aren’t costly to swim in either. In many cases, access to Canada's hot springs costs little more than a dip at your standard public swimming pool. Those looking for a ... Continue Reading