Canada Road Safety Week Kicks off the Season of Long Weekends

Police are always on the lookout for drivers who break the rules of the road. But sometimes an enforcement campaign is needed to remind drivers of the proper behaviours to follow in order to keep the roads safe.

Canada Road Safety Week runs from May 16 to May 22 this year and the timing of the campaign is no coincidence. With the long weekend quickly approaching, you can expect to see a lot of police on the road, zeroing in on impaired and distracted motorists, aggressive drivers, and those who haven’t buckled up.

The Big Four Killers

Every year in Canada, it’s estimated that over 1,800 people die on our roads due to collisions, and about 150,000 are injured. During Canada Road Safety Week, to help everyone get to their destination safe and sound, police across Canada will be targeting drivers who:

  1. Drive impaired: Driving under the influence is a choice and is completely preventable, yet every year, about 75,000 Canadians drive while impaired whether it be due to drugs, alcohol or both.→ Don’t drive while impaired by alcohol or drugs, and if you’ve partaken in either, always have a designated sober driver.
  2. Drive distracted: Driving requires your full attention, and all provinces and territories except for Nunavut have some form of distracted driving-related legislation in place.→ Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb,” let your passengers select the music, and if you get peckish, eat at a rest stop, not behind the wheel.
  3. Drive aggressively: It’s estimated that about 27 per cent of collision-related fatalities and 19 per cent of serious injuries involve a vehicle that was speeding . However, there’s more to aggressive driving than speeding; there are also things like tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic.→ Expect traffic everywhere you go and be patient. Driving aggressively—speeding and tailgating—will only increase your chances of, at best, getting a ticket and, at worst, causing a collision.
  4. Don’t buckle up: About 95 per cent of us buckle up when we get into a vehicle, so why is it still considered one of the “Big Four Killers” on the road? Because, in collisions where there is a fatality, about one-third of the victims were not wearing a seat belt.→ Buckle up and make sure everyone in the car does too.

Whether you're staying local or taking a road trip this weekend to head up to the cottage, take care while en route. It’s more than just avoiding tickets to keep your car insurance rates low, it’s about arriving at your destination safely.

Canada Road Safety Week runs from May 16 to May 22, 2017.