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If You're Denied Car Insurance, You Do Have Certain Rights

Couple looking over their insurance papers with worry.

If you’re denied auto insurance, you might have a host of questions. Is there a way to appeal? Can you reach out to another insurance carrier? Do you have a right to carry insurance? You do have rights but in certain instances, an insurer can deny you auto insurance coverage. That’s according to the Auto ... Continue Reading

Truck vs SUV: Which One is Right for You? Cheaper to Insure?

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Truck vs SUV? That’s a big decision when you’re getting ready to purchase a new vehicle. You might also want to know which has the best features? Or, which is better on the road or cheaper to insure? From road handling to engines and storage, here are a few factors that can help you find ... Continue Reading

IBC Boss Slams Insurance Fraud

A man breaking into a vehicle on the driver's side at dusk.

Don Forgeron was the keynote speaker at this week’s Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police Annual Meeting in Toronto. Forgeron, who is IBC’s president and CEO, outlined insurance fraud as a problem that affects everyone. In the closed event on June 24, Forgeron outlined his concerns about high insurance fraud in Canada and he asked ... Continue Reading

What Are Driving Apps and Telematics And How Can They Affect Your Car Insurance?

Telematics or usage based insurance can lower auto insurance and improve driving habits, safety and fuel economy.

Here’s How to Be a Better Driver

Confused driver is frustrated

Driving is hard, yo.