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10 Vehicles for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

When your bolt-action 12 gauge shotgun chambers empty, when your ankle jams in a heap of rubble, when your flashlight sizzles and dims and all around you fades to midnight and slobbering zombies waddle in the kill – you need a getaway car. As cinema like Zombieland and I am Legend have clearly proven, your ... Continue Reading

Mobile Devices are Changing the Auto Repair Industry

By the time you read this, the number of mobile-connected devices on the planet will exceed the number of people. Mobile is the fastest growing industry in history and its impact on the automotive sector is obvious from Bluetooth devices to apps that stream from your phone directly to your car's speakers. Industries have been ... Continue Reading

Smarter Cars Will Change Your Life

Self-Driving Google has entered the world of car manufacturing by providing technology for self-driving vehicles. The self-driving smart car makes a driver's commute easier. Instead of groaning and yelling about traffic and work time that is being missed, drivers can catch up on emails, text and access the internet. Recharge App Those environmentally conscious individuals ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Best Cars for Less Than $20,000

This is not an editorial. This is incontrovertible fact. Encyclopedic, actually. This is the definitive list of the best vehicles for less than $20,000. Herein are included the Olympians of automobiles, the axis mundi of cars, the most excellent vehicles that can be bought brand-spanking new for less than a Las Vegas wedding. Best Car ... Continue Reading

The Perfect Road Trip Playlist

Road Trip Playlist

Summer was made for the open road Long stretches of highway, open windows, wind in your hair as you travel somewhere exciting. Maybe you're crossing the border, visiting a friend, going to a festival or cottage. No matter your destination, the perfect playlist is an essential part of the journey. Music is more than a ... Continue Reading