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Intact Financial Provides Policyholders with...

A woman taking a photo of vehicle damage after a collision with her phone.

Canada's largest property and casualty (P&C) insurer, Intact Financial, is seeking to streamline the auto claims process by introducing photo estimating options in Ontario. By partnering with Snapsheet (which already powers a similar offering from Aviva), Intact now allows policyholders to submit photographic evidence of their loss via an easy to use app for an ... Continue Reading

Who is Actually Covered on Your Insurance Policy?

Before you lend your car to a neighbor, family member, or friend, make sure that you know they'll be covered under your current auto insurance policy.

Canadians Slow to Embrace Electric and Self-Driving Cars, Reveals New Survey

Canadians Slow to Embrace Electric and Self-Driving Cars, Reveals New Survey

Canadians are deeply connected to their vehicles. In a recent Ipsos poll about three-quarters of people felt their ride reflects their identity and more than half are passionate about automobiles of all sorts. But the survey also showed that burning passion goes a bit lukewarm when Canadians are asked about self-driving and electric cars. Canadians ... Continue Reading

Eyes on the Road: Millennials...

Eyes on the Road: Millennials Believe Their Generation is the Most Likely to Drive Distracted

Drivers have a tendency to pass the blame onto others when it comes to many of today’s safety concerns on the road, but in a recent survey from Allstate, millennials seem to be pointing the finger at themselves and their peers as being the generation most likely to drive distracted. In the survey, 80 per ... Continue Reading

#ParkingFails Caught on Camera

#ParkingFails Caught on Camera

I admit it. Parking is not what I excel at and it turns out, I’m not the only one who struggles with it. A few months back, I came across this picture-perfect parking job near the offices. We’re located in downtown Toronto where parking is at a premium—pun intended—and I thought my colleagues would ... Continue Reading