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Summer’s Sizzle Takes Its Toll on Your Car’s Battery

A women stranded on the side of a road due to an overheated car. She's calling for help while looking at the steam coming off her engine.

High temperatures drive up calls for roadside help due to overworked batteries. Baby, it’s hot outside and even hotter under the hood of your car. According to CAA South Central Ontario, when the temperature reaches 32 C on a hot summer day, the temperature inside your car can hit 60 C and beyond. It’s why, ... Continue Reading

Canada Cracks Down on Distracted Driving

A sign held up that says: Say No to Distractions.

In recent years, auto insurance rates have risen rapidly in provinces throughout Canada. While there are many factors at play, including the increasing cost of repairs and more frequent instances of severe weather, one of the biggest culprits behind rising rates is the phenomenon of distracted driving. Distracted driving has become a bigger and bigger ... Continue Reading

If You're Denied Car Insurance, You Do Have Certain Rights

Couple looking over their insurance papers with worry.

If you’re denied auto insurance, you might have a host of questions. Is there a way to appeal? Can you reach out to another insurance carrier? Do you have a right to carry insurance? You do have rights but in certain instances, an insurer can deny you auto insurance coverage. That’s according to the Auto ... Continue Reading

Truck vs SUV: Which One is Right for You? Cheaper to Insure?

Group of friends camping and having a good time.

Truck vs SUV? That’s a big decision when you’re getting ready to purchase a new vehicle. You might also want to know which has the best features? Or, which is better on the road or cheaper to insure? From road handling to engines and storage, here are a few factors that can help you find ... Continue Reading

Intact Financial Provides Policyholders with...

A woman taking a photo of vehicle damage after a collision with her phone.

Canada's largest property and casualty (P&C) insurer, Intact Financial, is seeking to streamline the auto claims process by introducing photo estimating options in Ontario. By partnering with Snapsheet (which already powers a similar offering from Aviva), Intact now allows policyholders to submit photographic evidence of their loss via an easy to use app for an ... Continue Reading