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Apple CarPlay, Google Glass and Distracted Driving

This year I have already written a couple of blog posts on the latest innovations in the automotive electronics. The theme at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show was all about he the “connected car.” The Toronto Auto Show had several thousand square feet dedicated to an exhibit called Auto Connect showcasing the latest innovations in ... Continue Reading

The World’s *Other* Oldest Profession

Fraud may be as old as time, but the fraudster’s methods have changed over the ages “It’s been this way since the beginning,” says Daniel Williams. “All scams are a variation of the same plan.” Williams knows that plan well. He works with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. He is a bit of an expert in ... Continue Reading

8 Things All Teens Must Know Before Getting Behind the Wheel

Driving can give many teens a sense of independence and responsibility, and it is something that most look forward to. But driving a car is serious business, and teens should be well-prepared before getting behind the wheel on their own. There are many laws, dangers, and potential situations that they'll be confronted with while on ... Continue Reading