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No Tolls for Toronto's Highways: Ontario Premier Shuts down Mayor's Plan

No Tolls for Toronto's Highways

Toronto’s highways won’t be getting tolls anytime soon, according to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. She announced last week she won’t approve Mayor John Tory’s plan to put tolls on the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway, saying there must be better transit options available for commuters first. “The conditions are not right, and that's ... Continue Reading

Best Driverless Car Concepts from CES 2017

Best Driverless Car Concepts from CES 2017

Some say that the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) should be called the Car Electronics Show. At CES 2017, most major technology companies and automakers who attended announced new research and development to accelerate the progress of the driverless car. Some have been as ambitious as to announce for a production-ready level 4 driverless vehicle by ... Continue Reading

Get Ready to Pay Tolls on Two of Toronto's Highways

Get Ready to Pay Tolls on Two of Toronto’s Highways

If you're one of the tens of thousands of commuters who drive on the Gardiner Expressway or Don Valley Parkway every day, get ready to pay tolls. That was the message from Toronto's mayor, as he delivered a speech to the city's regional Board of Trade on Nov. 24, where he said Toronto's traffic congestion ... Continue Reading

13 Things About Canadian Cars and Driving You Probably Didn’t Know

Canada is currently credited as the tenth-largest auto producer in the world, but as car crazy as we are, we’ve compiled a list of 13 things you probably didn’t know about Canada’s driving record. 1. We drove on the left until the 1920s (at least, some of us did) To some, it may come as ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Congested Intersections in Toronto

As the most populated city in Canada, it goes without saying that Toronto streets have some of the worst traffic. So as a part of a city-wide congestion management project, Toronto Mayor John Tory recently announced 10 of Toronto's busiest intersections and further plans to improve traffic flow and safety. Related Read: HOT Lanes Expected ... Continue Reading