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Car Insurance Won't Cover Belongings Stolen From Your Vehicle - Here's What Will

Person opening car trunk

Stashing stuff in the trunk of a car may be common, but those items are not covered by auto insurance. Tenant or home insurance fills the gaps. Here's what you can claim and under what conditions.

Home Sweet Home: Renter’s Insurance Matters

a picture of a couch

No matter if you rent or own, a place that's yours is home sweet home.

Why You Need a Home Inventory for Insurance

A family enjoying time together in the living room.

Insurance may seem like a set-it-and-forget-it scenario. Once you purchase home insurance, you don't have to worry about it until time comes to make a claim, right? That's true in some respects, but one important part of taking care of your home is keeping an up-to-date inventory of your belongings. That streamlines the claim process ... Continue Reading

Will Insurance Cover Property Damage from a Wildfire If You're Travelling?

A family of four leaving their home for holidays with luggage.

This spring and summer have left a lot of Canadians worried about property damage from recent floods and forest fires. Alberta had fires and there was massive flooding in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. It's enough to make you want to escape it all and go on a vacation, but if you're travelling, you might ... Continue Reading

How Community Assistance Mobile Pavilion...

After events that cause high levels of insured damage, the IBC's Community Assistance Mobile Pavilion (CAMP) connects insureds with their insurance companies to facilitate the claims process.