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VIDEO: What’s Your Home Insurance IQ?

Do You Know What Affects Your Home Insurance Premium Feature Image

Do you know what affects your home insurance premium? If it appears that your home is less likely to be damaged or destroyed, chances are, you are going to pay a lower premium for your home insurance: for example, if your house is next to a fire station or is equipped with a security system. ... Continue Reading

Top Three Sci-Fi Inspired Home Theatre Designs

Are you like me and consider the basement to be the most important space in the house? Yes? How about if it is tricked out with the most amazing home theatre system? YES! These days, your home entertainment is far beyond just a TV and some speakers. They are designed with a cinematic experience in ... Continue Reading

Risk Of Housing Correction “High” For Toronto, Winnipeg And Regina

Toronto suburb

CMHC quarterly report shows markets face “problematic conditions" If you own a home in Toronto, Winnipeg or Regina - expect its value to fall. That’s the message from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in its latest quarterly report. In Canada’s largest city, the news comes as no surprise: CMHC has been warning Torontonians their ... Continue Reading

Top 5 Home Insurance Questions From Our Reddit AMA

Our insurance expert Sean Graham hit up reddit to answer your home insurance questions. Here are some of the top questions according to reddit points. Related Read: Top 5 Questions From Our Auto Insurance Reddit AMA with Insurance Expert Sean Graham How to lower your home insurance rates CuileannDhu asked: What are some simple things ... Continue Reading

Best Paint Colours To Help You Sell Your House

When you're looking to purchase a home, they sometimes advise you not to judge a book by its cover, reminding homebuyers that everything in a home can be changed—from its paint colours to its furnishings. But, if you're selling your house, giving it a fresh coat of paint could be exactly what you need to ... Continue Reading