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Role of Your Condo Board: How Decisions Affect You As a Unit Owner

Owning a condo means sharing some things with your neighbours. That includes membership in the condominium corporation. Your condo board makes decisions on behalf of the entire complex. Those board decisions have a real impact on how you live and, to some extent, your financial liability at the end of the day. Here's a bit ... Continue Reading

Worst Travel Stories From Spitting Camels to Broken Toilets

Unhappy traveller sitting on her suitcase.

The worst travel stories can happen anywhere in the world. And, while vacations are supposed to be filled with "Ohh," and "Ahh," no one wants to say, "Get Me Outta' Here!" Maybe catching a cold or the flu is your worst travel experience but for these guests, their vacation was a holiday nightmare. If you're ... Continue Reading

Health Insurance Costs Too High? Mistakes to Avoid & Tips

Some Canadians sign up for a new health insurance policy and then forget about it. They assume they have the best plan and that everything they need is included in their policy. Or, they don’t have enough coverage because they’re younger and think they can get by with only provincial coverage. But, these can prove ... Continue Reading

Health Insurance: What New Canadian Citizens Should Know

If you’re a new citizen to Canada, you might have a lot of questions about how to start new health insurance. Maybe you heard that health insurance in Canada is free. Or, maybe you heard that every type of service is covered. While Canada provides insurance for its residents, they pay for their healthcare costs ... Continue Reading

Paid Too Much for Home Insurance? Mistakes to Avoid & Tips

Don't pay too much for home insurance. Here's all you need to save the most money.