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Health Insurance: What New Canadian Citizens Should Know

If you’re a new citizen to Canada, you might have a lot of questions about how to start new health insurance. Maybe you heard that health insurance in Canada is free. Or, maybe you heard that every type of service is covered. While Canada provides insurance for its residents, they pay for their healthcare costs ... Continue Reading

Paid Too Much for Home Insurance? Mistakes to Avoid & Tips

Don't pay too much for home insurance. Here's all you need to save the most money.

Earthquake Coverage for Sinkholes? Why You Might Need This Insurance Endorsement

Earthquake insurance is your best bet for coverage in the event of land movement or sinkholes. But not all policies cover this risk. Read the fine print and talk to your insurer.

Buy Home Insurance Before Wildfire Season, Say Experts

Residents in fire-risk areas are urged to look at insurance before it's too late.

As Interest Rates Rise, So Does Canadians' Financial Anxiety

With another interest rate hike now on the books, the change has some Canadians uncertain about their financial future. The Bank of Canada recently announced an increase in its key interest rate from 1 to 1.25 per cent and, subsequently, most major banks have raised their prime lending rates 25 basis points as well to ... Continue Reading