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Celebrity Sightings: The Best Places to Star Stalk

Observing celebrities in their natural habitat (shopping, eating, working out) brings a thrill to the onlooker, intentional or not. Check out these tips for the best chances of running into one of your favorite stars. Park City Usually the snowy mountains of Utah aren’t exactly a hot spot for celebrity sightings, except during the wintry ... Continue Reading

Famous Travel Destinations From Blockbuster Movies

Some movies have locations so visually memorable that travelers want to see these places for themselves. In other cases the movie being filmed in a particular location can make an otherwise remarkable destination a spot worth visiting for a fan of the film. Making a Hollywood connection part of – or central to – your ... Continue Reading

Astronaut Insurance: A New Frontier In Coverage?

It is a common fact known to all that the greater the danger, the higher would be the amount of premium that you'll pay for insurance. At present, insurance is very important because you never know what might happen. From insuring all the expensive stuff in your house to insuring your own life, there are ... Continue Reading