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The Age-Old Question: Who Gets into More Car Accidents?

Is it men or women? Teenagers or seniors? It's an age-old question: who gets into more collisions? But the fact of the matter is that regardless of age or gender, car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere to anyone. We went out on the streets to see if people know who gets into more accidents ... Continue Reading

VIDEO: What’s Your Home Insurance IQ?

Do You Know What Affects Your Home Insurance Premium Feature Image

Do you know what affects your home insurance premium? If it appears that your home is less likely to be damaged or destroyed, chances are, you are going to pay a lower premium for your home insurance: for example, if your house is next to a fire station or is equipped with a security system. ... Continue Reading

Top 11 Cars at the Canadian International Auto Show

In case you missed the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto this year, the 10-day show drew in a record-breaking number of visitors, with almost every automaker in the business showcasing various new vehicles from sports models to celebrity racers to futuristic concept cars. Don’t miss out on saving money on your car insurance premiums. ... Continue Reading

VIDEO: Would YOU Go Driverless?

Would You Go Driverless?

Will it ease traffic? Will it have an accompanying app? Will it play good music? Autonomous cars have been raising questions for years now, with announcements of major companies like Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and most notably, Google releasing their own models. This month, Kia joined the race by unveiling plans for its own fully autonomous vehicle ... Continue Reading

Kanetix TV: What To Ask Before You Buy A New Car

Canadians are setting records and buying more new vehicles than ever before, according to data from Statistics Canada. With so many Canadians buying new cars, and so many options available on the market, it's important to sit down and ask yourself a few key questions before you drive your new set of wheels off the ... Continue Reading