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Driverless Cars A Reality In Next Few Years—If We Want It

Google said it first, but now other bigwigs in the auto and wireless industries are jumping on board and chiming in that autonomous—also called self-driving, or driverless—vehicles will be a reality within the next few years, not 2025 like originally forecast. Last week, this prediction came one step closer to reality. California issued its first ... Continue Reading

New iPhone 6 Will Empower Usage-Based Insurance

Did you camp out to be the first to have an iPhone 6? Our Digital Strategist, Justin, was far smarter. He simply pre-ordered the phone with his provider, and went to pick up the phone on launch day. No lines, no headaches. “I was in and out in 20 minutes,” says Justin. The new iPhone ... Continue Reading

Cheaper Fares, But At What Risk? UberX Launches In Canada

Torontonians and residents of Mississauga have a new travel option at their fingertips: UberX has just launched in the two cities. The new service connects people looking for a ride with pre-approved drivers via an app. It works just like the existing Uber app, which finds you a cab with the touch of a button, ... Continue Reading

Apple Finally Implements Mobile Payments with NFC for iPhone

This past January, I blogged about my predictions for Top Canadian Technology Trends To Help Your Personal Finances. In the article, I predicted that the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s would become a standard in e-payment, but that the one thing missing in Apple’s suite of innovations is NFC (near field communication). NFC would ... Continue Reading

Billboards And Distracted Driving--Where Do You Stand?

We’ve been talking a lot about drivers creating their own distractions while on the road, but what about external forces that can pull a driver’s attention away from the wheel? A new billboard proposal has created a stir in Toronto as advocates and city staff urged city council to revoke their decision to approve four ... Continue Reading