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Insurers & Privacy Commissioner Further Polarized On Genetic Testing

The debate over who has the right to access your private health information intensified this week when the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) called on insurance companies to put a voluntary ban on asking clients for access to existing genetic test results. Currently, there is already a volunteer ban in place across ... Continue Reading

What Do Politics Have To Do With Ontario Auto Insurance Rates Anyway?

As Ontario prepares for a provincial election on June 12, all three major parties have proposed changes to the auto insurance industry within their platforms in respect to lowering premiums. To summarize, the Liberals promise a continuation of their plan to reduce auto insurance rates by 15 per cent by August 2015, as well as ... Continue Reading

Ontario’s 2014 Election And Your Auto Insurance Rates

It is battleground Ontario for the province’s three major parties. The election is less than one month away, and how much you pay for automobile insurance is a hot topic on the table. In early May, NDP leader Andrea Horwath catapulted the topic into the headlines when she said the Ontario Liberals hadn’t slashed rates ... Continue Reading

Tips For Hosting A Safe Prom or Graduation Party

Earlier this month, word of a mansion party in an upper class neighbourhood in Brampton, Ontario spread like wildfire on social media, turning what was intended to be a relatively small gathering into a bash that amassed thousands of people. Attendees described the scene as chaotic and out of control. With so many people, it ... Continue Reading

Earth Day 2014: What Matters to Our Earth Today

It’s easy to take the environment for granted as we go about our day-to-day lives. But there are some very serious environmental issues that affect not only the environment in Canada but the whole world. Most of these aren’t new, and action to some degree has been taken to address them by some countries. Unfortunately, ... Continue Reading