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Protecting Your Points: Ontario Says No to Expiry Dates on Loyalty Cards

If you're one of the 22 million Canadians who own a loyalty or points card and you live in Ontario, the provincial government is taking extra measures to protect you and your rewards. A private member's bill has passed in the Ontario legislature amending its Consumer Protection Act that bans expiry dates on rewards points. ... Continue Reading

Top 11 Travel Tips to Travel Cheap

Travelling… it can be relaxing, fun, life-changing and expensive. You may expect an international getaway to cost a pretty penny, but if not planned carefully in advance, even a short trip to a neighbouring province can be costly. Looking to go on holiday but strapped for cash? Check out this compiled list of tips to ... Continue Reading

Summer Overspending Habits: A Trend for Canadians

Summer Overspending Habits

With warm weather comes the inclination to get out, have fun and, inevitably, spend more. Are you planning a getaway this summer? Get out, have fun, and protect yourself with adequate travel insurance at the best price available. Not only does it cover you in case of a medical issue, but it could also look ... Continue Reading

Love hurts, financially, to the tune of $61,821

Love hurts, financially, to the tune of $61,821

How much does it cost to fall in love in Canada? According to from the first date to cutting the wedding cake, couples can expect to pay $61, 821.60 on romance; up 22.8 per cent from last year. Related Read: Just How Much Does Love Cost? $50,339.21 The costs of coupledom have increased, according ... Continue Reading

RBC special offer mortgage rates to increase

RBC special offer mortgage rates to increase

Expect higher special offer mortgage rates from RBC. RBC recently announced that it is increasing rates on new residential mortgage offers effective January 8, 2016. The rates affected are special discounted rates and are not the bank’s posted rates. A 0.10 per cent increase for select fixed-rate mortgages The following are the new special offer ... Continue Reading