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What Will Pet Insurance Cover in Canada?

Pet insurance premiums and benefits vary and it may cover emergency treatment, care, and medications.

Halloween Pet Parade: The Pets Of Kanetix

According to Value Village's 2013 Top Halloween Trends, four out of 10 pets will be in costume this Halloween, and the pets of Kanetix are no exception. Ben, the Smallest Giraffe in the World! Casey Rockin' the Christina Aguilera Wig Princess Didou The Amazing Holly Mocha, You Devil! Little Red Riding Yoshie More Be-WITCH-ing Costumes ... Continue Reading

Riding In Cars with Pets:...

Who covers Fido’s vet bills in the event of an accident? We delve into auto insurance and pet insurance to determine how pup is protected. There are few things cuter than a dog hanging its head out the window of a car driving down a sunny street. Many Canadians don’t think twice about bringing pets ... Continue Reading

Helping the Helpless in Quebec

Facts: Puppy mills are commercial breeding operations that put profits above animal welfare. Mother dogs are confined in barren enclosures and denied adequate food, water, veterinary care and socialization. For the past five years, Quebec has ranked lowest of all Canadian provinces for its animal welfare legislation and received the dubious recognition as “best place ... Continue Reading

Warning: These Common Household Foods Will Kill Your Pets

Dogs and cats are masters when it comes to the art of begging for human food. With stares and gentle nudges, they urge their owners to feed them scraps from the table or pieces of whatever food is on hand. While it might be tempting to cave in and feed a loved pet people food, ... Continue Reading