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California Earthquakes: What to Do If You're In An Earthquake

A crack in the road due to an earthquake.

Two large earthquakes struck parts of Southern California in July over a two-day time span. On Thursday, July 4, 2019, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit followed by a larger magnitude 7.1 earthquake the following day near the centre of Ridgecrest. Several fires broke out in the northeast section of Ridgecrest and there have been hundreds ... Continue Reading

New Air Passenger Regulations for Canadian Travellers

A woman waiting for her flight, looking at her watch because it's delayed.

Flight rights for travellers now in place. Lost luggage. Flight delay. Getting bumped. Talk to any traveller and chances they’ve got a tale to tell about a travel experience that was anything but smooth. Some experiences, however, are more disruptive than others and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) has introduced regulations that aim to help ... Continue Reading

More Crime Overseas? Will Travel Insurance Let You Cancel?

A man pretending to steal a comedically large suitcase

Crime Overseas? Safeguard Your Trip with Travel Insurance.

How to Keep a Flight Delay From Ruining Your Trip

A man frustrated at the airport due to a flight delay.

Experiencing a flight delay? Being rerouted? Severe weather can ruin a trip fast if you’re not prepared. From having a backup plan to packing essentials and entertaining yourself at the airport, preparing for a flight delay can save your trip. Here are a few ways to plan ahead for delays so it doesn’t ruin your ... Continue Reading

Stress-free Family Vacations: Tips for Travelling with Pre-teens and Teens

Here are some vacation and travel tips for families with teen and tween kids.