Happy Pawlidays: Holiday Tips for Your Pets


Grover a rescue dog in Ottawa, who just found his forever home this week!

Photo courtesy of Brittany Veinot    phodographer.ca




The holidays are here and for most of us with pets at home, we tend to treat them like little people. Pictures with Santa, presents under the tree, extra food for dinner. Since this blog is devoted to a company dealing with the health of your special friend, I thought I would add some holiday tips for you and yours to get you through the next few weeks.

The following is a list of some not so obvious items that should be kept away from all pets.

Anti-freeze or Ice-melting chemical

Believe it or not the ethylene glycol in these products tastes sweet and they actually like it. It is unfortunately HIGHLY toxic to our pets.


Cats and kittens are drawn to the light and the heat. I have seen burnt whiskers a number of times.


Christmas candy wrappers can get lodged in the throat. Dogs will go for the candy inside and cats will play with cello just for the crunchy sound it makes so keep on counters and not on coffee tables.


Chocolate can be lethal if it’s the real deal.

Cooked bones

No matter how much begging, resist the temptation! Too easy to get stuck in the throat or digestive system.


Keep grapes, raisins, onions and garlic away from your dog and cat. Always.

Electrical cords

Careful with those cords and wires. A wire can deliver a potentially lethal electrical shock


Holly and Mistletoe can cause stomach upset and even cardiovascular problems

Poinsettia- lethal to cats


Cats love tinsel.  If you have had cats all your life I am betting you have seen tinsel in your litter box at least once!  But it can lead to an intestinal obstruction or choking.

Some really helpful tips from Sherwood Park Animal Hospital

Find out what hours your veterinarian is open during the holidays and how to contact your closest emergency veterinary clinic if your vet is closed.

Keep hydrogen peroxide in your medicine chest (good for making your pet vomit – but best done under the guidance of an animal health professional).

Have some great cleaning products available on hand that are safe for rugs, etc.

Have stuffed Kongs and other time-occupying toys at hand so that if you need to put your cat or dog in a room and away from guests, you are prepared.

christmas tree doggie

Ensure your tree is securely anchored so it doesn’t tip and fall on top of you or your pet! This will also prevent the tree water (which may contain fertilizers) from spilling.

No Home for the Holidays

 i wish i may wish i might

What can you do to share some love this season?

If you looking to adopt please do not shop! Visit your local humane society or look up rescues in your area. While pet stores are convincing with cute little puppies in the window others are waiting in shelters for no reason except being unloved.

Can’t adopt? Then foster an animal so they can get out of a shelter and into a home until they are adopted. I am a huge fan of fostering both cats and dogs.

No more room at your home? Then donate your time. Many shelters or rescues need a helping hand while their volunteers are taking some deserved time off.

No time?  Donations do not have to be monetary. Drop off canned food at your local shelter. Many get dry food donations but some scared animals will only eat wet. Do a drive for towels, blankets, bleach, toys. Check out their websites for their “wish lists “

 chihuaha tongue

12 year old Elvis, now Elfish, at the Montreal SPCA Annexe

Spread the word. Networking is the best way to find an animal a home these days. We are so lucky to have social media. Share the love on Facebook with your friends!

Happy Holidays!