Famous Cats of the Internet

It's no secret that the Internet loves cats. At KANETIX, we also love cats (dogs too!). Since we recently launched our best pet insurance offering to date, we thought we would give a nod to the animal which stars in the content we love to consume online, cats. Below are a handful of famous cats of the Internet - let us know who we missed in the comments!

Grumpy Cat

Tardar Sauce, known on the Internet as Grumpy Cat, is an international star! From TV appearances to photo ops at major conferences, and now a line of "Grumppucino' premium coffee drinks, this domestic beauty is one cat earning its keep.

It all started with a post by Tardar Sauce's owners on Reddit on September 22, 2012. Most couldn't quite believe that a cat had a face like that, but after a couple of YouTube videos were uploaded as proof, Tardar Sauce went viral and Grumpy Cat the meme was born online. The owners post a 'Daily Grump' on the official Grumpy Cat site which ironically will bring a smile to an feline-friendly person's face.


Image via Dashburst


Maru the Cat

If you spend any amount of time on YouTube, you will have come across Maru, a male Scottish Fold cat from Japan. Maru has an irresistible personality and well, is just plain adorable. It's no wonder Maru's owner starting filming and uploading videos of his cat to YouTube. As of April 2013, videos with Maru have been viewed over 200 million times, and the cat has appeared in ads and on TV in Japan.


Image via Tumblr

Maru recently got a new friend named Hana who is a star in the making. Below is one of many new videos documenting their budding relationship.


Business Cat

Emilio, fondly known online as 'business cat,' gained fame after he received a cat-sized tie for Christmas. His photo was snapped wearing the tie by his owner's girlfriend and uploaded to Reddit. Just a few days later, the photo was re-posted to Reddit with the title 'Business Cat' and it went viral from there. The image was added to meme generation sites and different captions were added that sounded like something an office boss would do or request, but with a feline twist. You can find pictures of business cat all over the web.


Image via Street Couch

Keyboard Cat

More than 20 years after Fatso was filmed playing a keyboard, he became famous. In 1984, Fatso's owner created the illusion of his cat playing the keyboard with the help of his baby son's shirt and a default jingle on his keyboard. In 2007 he uploaded the video to YouTube, and it was quickly adopted as a way to 'play' people offstage in blooper videos. YouTube users would simply add the video of Fatso playing the keyboard following the gaffe or blooper in another video.

Even though Fatso didn't live to realize his fame, his video made it to several TV shows and he's now an online legend.

I can has cheezburger a.k.a. LOL Cats

Can't get enough cute pictures of cats? Then head on over to I Can Has Cheezburger, where users upload funny animal pictures and add hilarious captions. Warning: visiting this site is hazardous to your productivity!



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Image via Stuffpoint

Image via Stuffpoint