Freshen Up Your Living Room For Fall

Faux Fur Throws As the colder weather approaches, there’s nothing better than adding some cozy layers to your existing décor. Fall may be car-buying season in Canada, but it's also an excuse to redecorate for the cold. One of my favourite ways to do this is in the living room , is with the use ... Continue Reading

Flying Off Giant Sand Dunes in Huacachina, Peru

Sand Dunes in Peru

When one thinks of giant sand dunes and endless desert vistas, images of the Middle East or the mighty Sahara typically come to mind. So you can imagine our surprise when we stumbled on the village of Huacachina (pronounced WHA-KA-CHEE-NA), a funky desert oasis located south of Lima on the Pacific coast of Peru. Like ... Continue Reading

Home Appraisals Made Stupid Simple

Anyone with a functioning brain and a WiFi connection can learn basic Spanish phrases within a week. Si? Same said person, however, stands no chance – none whatsoever – of navigating the nefarious labyrinth of argot known as finance. Finance is its own language, and it makes Spanish look easier than the ABC’s. Thankfully, there’s ... Continue Reading

Surprising Truths and Myths on Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Every motorcyclist knows to wear a helmet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been playing Jiminy Cricket and has been browbeating riders with the mantra since Easy Rider. And so, like mindless children diving under desks in fear of a Cold War-era nuclear explosion, motorcyclists gut their exhaust pipes, toss on a skid lid ... Continue Reading

Awesome Adventures For Your Next Trip to Maui

Maui Adventures

Often ranked as one of the top travel destinations in the world, the Hawaiian Island of Maui is widely known for its world class golfing, fabulous beaches and exceptional fine dining. But many visitors are surprised to learn that this fascinating tropical island is also loaded with outdoor activities and thrilling adventures. Here are 5 ... Continue Reading