Luzern, Switzerland – We Love Surprises!

Luzern, Switzerland

When we first started mapping out our itinerary for Switzerland we planned to spend time in both Interlaken and Zermatt. Surrounded by rugged snow-capped mountains and loaded with outdoor adventure, both destinations have a lot of similarities to Whistler and Banff (easily our favourite places on the planet). We had visions of challenging hikes to ... Continue Reading

The Perfect Road Trip Playlist

Road Trip Playlist

Summer was made for the open road Long stretches of highway, open windows, wind in your hair as you travel somewhere exciting. Maybe you're crossing the border, visiting a friend, going to a festival or cottage. No matter your destination, the perfect playlist is an essential part of the journey. Music is more than a ... Continue Reading

Ultimate Summer Driving Playlist Giveaway

Did you know that the music you listen to in the car is related to the number of accidents and tickets you're likely to receive?We recently commissioned a survey to find out how music impacts driving behaviours and there were some interesting results! Did you know that Talk Radio listeners were more likely to be ... Continue Reading

Who Will Drive the Future? Your Car

Self Driving Car

Self-driving (or driverless) cars may still sound like the work of science fiction novels, but in just over a decade autonomous vehicles are expected to debut on our roads. Industry experts believe fully autonomous vehicles will start rolling out as early as 2025, though Google has been conducting high-profile research into self-driving vehicles for years, ... Continue Reading

Driving in China

Driving in China

I have a Chinese driver's licence! Well, I HAD a Chinese driver's licence. Easiest thing I ever got. You get off the plane in Beijing. There's a Motor Vehicle Office right there in the airport. You show them your 'International Driver's Permit' which you bought from the C.A.A for twenty-five bucks and which looks as official as the ... Continue Reading