Smarter Cars Will Change Your Life

Self-Driving Google has entered the world of car manufacturing by providing technology for self-driving vehicles. The self-driving smart car makes a driver's commute easier. Instead of groaning and yelling about traffic and work time that is being missed, drivers can catch up on emails, text and access the internet. Recharge App Those environmentally conscious individuals ... Continue Reading

HIIT Up an At-Home Workout

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is all the rage right now in the fitness world, but what exactly is it? HIIT combines bursts or intervals of high intensity anaerobic exercise with periods of rest. In other words, you work your pants off for a set interval and then take a chance to catch your breath ... Continue Reading

Killing the 'Fat North American' Stereotype: Advice From Other Countries

Losing weight is tough. Even if you have the discipline to purge junk food from your diet, getting motivated to exercise after a long day can be a hefty challenge. But the benefits of shedding the extra pounds are many. You'll have more energy, lower your risk of heart disease, and reduce the strain on ... Continue Reading

5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting India

First time visitors to India will most certainly encounter culture shock, sensory overload and moments of “what did I get myself into?” You see, India is not like most countries - it’s chaotic, disorganized, confusing and fascinating. It will challenge and frustrate you, but it will also give you a travel experience you will treasure ... Continue Reading

5 Keys To Healthy Cooking: Preparing Savory Meals That Are Good For You

You love to cook. Even better, you're good at it. So much so that your work in the kitchen has attracted accolades from friends and family. The problem is, the meals you prepare aren't as healthy as you'd like them to be. They may leave your guests begging for more, but too much of a ... Continue Reading