How to Save Money when Rock Climbing

“I find that rock climbing is the finest, most healthiest sport in the whole world. It is much healthier than most; look at baseball, where 10,000 sit on their ass and watch a handful of players (sic).” — John Salathé, 1974. Although this is one of those hobbies that will make your life insurer squeamish, The climbing ... Continue Reading

How to Build an Online Brand

Clifford Stoll, a fuzzy-haired astronomer with a trimmed black mustache, caught a notorious KGB hacker in the 1990s and has authored a number of critically acclaimed books. However, Stoll, a charismatic and intelligent man, is bested remembered for his ignominious 1996 report published in Newsweek, “The Internet? Bah!” in which he claimed that e-commerce was ... Continue Reading

The Emergency Fund: Your Insurance for Everything Else

Emergency Fund

On most financial planning checklists, insurance is a pretty high priority. After all, financial planning is about mitigating risks. Chances are high that you carry some insurance -- car insurance, home insurance or maybe tenant insurance, and life insurance. (And if you don’t, KANETIX can help you get it all sorted it out.) But what ... Continue Reading

Invest in Sleep

Invest in Sleep

A frugal person strives to get the biggest bang for her buck. Everyone spends about a third of their life sleeping. That means that spending a bit of money on sleep isn't just justifiable, it's smart. Besides eating right and exercising, no lifestyle change pays bigger dividends than improving one's quantity and quality of sleep. ... Continue Reading