Smarter Cars Will Change Your Life


Google has entered the world of car manufacturing by providing technology for self-driving vehicles. The self-driving smart car makes a driver's commute easier. Instead of groaning and yelling about traffic and work time that is being missed, drivers can catch up on emails, text and access the internet.

Intel Car

Recharge App

Those environmentally conscious individuals who opt for an electric or hybrid vehicle can now take advantage of a mobile app to choose where, when and how to recharge their vehicle. This saves on overcharging and wasteful energy consumption.


Smart cars on the road today have technology that will slow a speeding car down if it looks as if an accident is likely to happen. While a car that drives itself may be out of your price range, a car that can slow down in case of a potential accident may become standard fairly soon.


With the use of cameras and edge detect technology, cars can now parallel park. One of the harder maneuvers a driver will have to make is to parallel park. Now, a driver only has to control the speed of the car, the car will do the rest of the work.

Car Bonding

People bond with their cars. They talk to it when it's misbehaving. They coax it into starting on a cold winter's morning. They will now be able to further bond with the car using digital facial expressions. The car will display a happy face when everything is running well. A sad or exhausted face will be displayed to indicate a problem.


Whether you have a self-driving car or not, the road will be safer because of them. Other self driving cars will be able to talk to each other, monitor safety conditions on the road ahead and avoid collisions with other drivers. This benefits everyone on the road.


Drivers searching for ways to use less gas and save the environment often spend a huge amount of their driving time finding the perfect speed to lessen the use of the brake and gas pedal. Self-driving smart cars will be able to adjust speed slowly based on surrounding traffic and by monitoring the activity of other drivers.


In the future, self-driving smart cars will go to a customer's door without a driver and deliver the customer to any location they wish. They could even be hailed by smartphones.

Red lights and Traffic

Cars would be able to converse with other cars along with a central system to coordinate intersections without having to brake and without an accident.

Sleepy Drivers

Ever have to drive a long distance and wish you had a passenger to keep you company, or at least keep you from nodding off to dreamland? Even if you don't have a smart car, you can benefit from smart-car technology. A smartphone mobile app can detect whether a driver has gotten sleepy and will give a warning. It will let a driver know when it's time to take a coffee break. It does this through the use of the smartphone's camera feature.