The 14 Rules of Online Safety for Children

Chances are, your kids are a bit more savvy on the computer than you are. This is OK, but it's not to imply that you shouldn't take proper steps to ensure their online safety. Let's dive in and take a close look at the rules your kiddos need to abide by when it comes to using the Internet.

  1. I will never give out my personal information on the web; this includes my address, phone number, or the locations of my school.
  2. I will tell my mom or dad right away if something happens on the Internet that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  3. If I want to meet a friend that I have connected with on the Internet, I will make sure to get the OK from my parents, and more importantly, I will bring my mom or day along for meeting. This meeting will take place in a public place during the daytime.
  4. I will allow my parents to periodically check the messages that I get from my friends and online contacts.
  5. I will keep Internet rules posted near the computer. I will always remember the sites that are and are not OK for me to visit.
  6. I will abide by an Internet schedule. My Internet time will be limited to no more than two to three hours a day, and I will be off the Internet by nine o'clock every night.
  7. I am not allowed to give out any passwords to anyone except my parents. I will give them each and every password so they can check my accounts whenever they want.
  8. I will be nice to the people that I interact with on the Internet.
  9. I will ask my parents to implement parental controls. There are many parental control tools for them to take advantage of, with some of them being available free of charge.
  10. I will ask mom or dad to set up a password on our home Wi-Fi network. In doing this, my family can rest assured intruders won't be able to access our home network. When it comes to setting up a password, mom or dad will make sure it's strong.
  11. Before I join online social networking sites, or any site for that matter, mom, dad and I will read through the privacy policies. By doing this, we can get a thorough understanding of how the sites will use the content that I post.
  12. When it comes to online social sites, I will never "check in" to public places. If I do, this clearly identifies where I'm at in real time, meaning online sleaze balls will know the whereabouts of me, and I don't want this to happen.
  13. There are many ways for me to access the Internet, including gaming systems, computers, netbooks, tablets and mobile phones. I will make sure my parents have set up parental controls on each of them.
  14. I will make sure that our computers and mobile devices are always up-to-date. If they aren't, this will leave huge security holes for hackers to enter through.